Top Five Ways Hipsters Have Ruined Gaming (and Everything Else)

CCC Says: "My academic background is philosophy, which at this point in my life means pretty much zilch, with one exception. I can point out a pseudo-intellectualized hipsters like my life depended upon it. From their over-tight jeans to their insistence on listening only to music that nobody else has ever heard of, I have a special place in my heart for hipsters and their brethren. Did I say heart? I meant toilet. I have a special place in my toilet for them. So it should come as no surprise to learn that when I was tasked with writing a list of the top ten ways hipsters ruin gaming (and everything else), I had a weird mixture of feelings. If there is a way to characterize a combination of giddiness with the sensation of skin crawling, that’s pretty much where I was. But being the good worker bee that I am, I said yes and here I am. Skin still crawling, still giddy about ripping these foreign movie watching dicks to shreds. So let’s begin."

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swishersweets200311541d ago

i'm old and have no clue what a hipster is, but from judging by the picture i take it a hipster is a guy wearing a Canadian tuxedo. do they smell like maple syrup as well?

-Foxtrot1541d ago

I usually think you can spot Hipsters if they are wearing big thick glasses (when they don't need them), that "I eat peanut butter without milk" look and jeans, possibly skinny, which are a different colour like red, lime green, light blue...because clearly you want to stand out like a sore thumb if someone in the street is in a "I want to punch something" mood.

uth111540d ago

No the hipster fashion is stereotypical, because as soon as you identify hipster fashion, they'll be into new fashion.

Anyway, hipsters are like the special snowflakes that are into obscure music, fashion, art, poetry, etc. They despise mainstream tastes, and wouldn't be caught dead indulging in them (or if they are caught doing so, they will claim they were just being 'ironic' or some such nonesense.

They tend to live in the city because anything suburban is beneath them of course.

HighResHero1540d ago

"they will claim they were just being 'ironic'"
I was just being ironic though.

3-4-51539d ago

* One Problem:


* 100 People like a game. Then comes along 5-10 people who kind of like the game, but don't like a few things.

They whine and complain & crab to the developers that they don't like A,C,B ect...

* The Dev's then think EVERYONE wants these new features, but really it's just a handful of REALLY LOUD, arrogant, obnoxious, inconsiderate fools who make it seem like they are bigger and more numerous than they really are.

* DEV's are being TRICKED into catering towards the 5-10% of "Hardcore" gamers, when really the game was fine before for the most part.

* These " GROUPS", move from game to game, complaining and whining and getting the games changed to fit how they want, and then they never end up buying said game.

The sales tank and the dev's wonder " what happened" ?

" We gave them what they wanted".

* But in reality, it was just a few people complaining about EVERYTHING, and those people are ALWAYS going to be like that, for anything and everything.

* Too many control Perverts within the industry trying to MAKE everyone play a certain way.

There needs to be more variety within genres.

Not just 1 or 2, but 1.1,1.2, 1.3 ect...

We need the steps in between to lead people towards that genre, and not just a huge leap of faith.

* EX: If Action RPG is on one side, and Turn Based on the other, it's usually one of the other.

We NEED more in between games.

ThatArtGuy1540d ago

Hipster is the new word for snob.

1540d ago
ATi_Elite1540d ago

Higher = a style of people who were lame in any other era.

Tight neon clothes resembles a construction worker gone haywire

poppinslops1540d ago

Gentlemen, please!
Allow me...

Hipsters are people who've misunderstood what is to be 'Hip'...
They've witnessed cool-ness and done their best to imitate it, but their un-cool interpretation prevents them from ever being truly 'hip'...

We are the innovators.
They are the imitators.
Ya dig?

Ripsta7th1540d ago

Hipster alert!!! Kill it with firee!

poppinslops1540d ago

Wow... One bubble AND a ponytail?
How avant-garde!

For the record, I enjoy the music of Kenny Loggins...

No hipster would ever admit to that.

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