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ValKilmer1414d ago

I hope this game lives up to expectations. This is a series that deserves a long life.

Deividas1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

I agree that the series does deserve a long life...but I dont think this game really has high expectations...Love borderlands but I really dont think we will have high expectations till Borderlands 3. This is kind of just more of the same really, not that its bad.

Im personally excited for this, though its not really a major release for the franchise. But bring on the loot!

Snookies121414d ago

Actually this game has a lot of new stuff in it... I had blown this off as something I didn't even care to play until a friend showed me the full trailer for it the other day. It's both hilarious and awesome. It went from a complete pass, to relatively high up on my buy list.

FsterThnFTL1414d ago

I would not be surprised if it turns out to be a better game than Destiny.

ValKilmer1414d ago

Are they similar, though?

Hanso1414d ago

Borderlands can be played offline! lol

crusf1414d ago

Why did you need to make a comment about Destiny on a Borderlands article. Seriously it's not needed.

FsterThnFTL1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Well Destiny is compared to Borderlands, why can I not compare Borderlands to Destiny.

crusf1414d ago

Regardless of what its compared to is it really needed... Think hard now.

NarooN1414d ago

I bet you're fun at parties.

TheOnlyMastrx1414d ago

Awesome! If I get confirmation of a side job I may be doing, I might be able to get this, otherwise it will have to wait ): No matter, I am excited for this whenever I get it.

il-JumperMT1414d ago

Wait till they released remastered edition with full dlc on xbone and ps4


That's exactly what I was thinking!! Lol guaranteed

ironfist921414d ago

As much as I love Borderlands, im waiting for a pS4 version

chippychan1414d ago

I personally love borderlands so I'm getting this day 1, but to be honest I'd totally buy it again if it gets a PS4 release. I think Gearbox is betting on that too, lol.

RiseGames1414d ago

What exactly does it mean by "gone gold"?


That the game is 100percent complete and ready to be manufactured

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