Gamers, Start Your Engines - The 2014 Racing Game Showdown

Dealspwn: "Despite starring supercars, insane track toys and monstrous custom jobs, racing games are actually a lot like buses. You spend ages waiting for them and suddenly a whole fleet turns up at once, regardless of what current-gen console or PC you own. This holiday season is going to be absolutely jam-packed with racers, simulations and driving games, all of which are crying out for your attention and jostling for grid position.

This might seem rather annoying at first glance, but look a little closer and you'll discover that they're all very different and offer a totally unique take on the genre. Whether you're all about finishing first or just in it for the raw thrill of driving itself, there's something here for you. So it's high time we gave you the lowdown on which game (or games) will most likely to suit you best."

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IRetrouk1421d ago

I want all of them, ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!

FanboyKilla1420d ago

Me too. But i cant, i cant. Or can i muahahamuhahahaaaa!

g-nome1420d ago

Driveclub looks like the one for me.

kratoz12091420d ago

Yeah so hyped for driveclub, but project cars also looks good.

Spotie1420d ago

Better based on what?

captain_slow821420d ago

drive club
the crew
f1 2014
project cars
for me :D wow no racers all year them bam lol

Sayburr1420d ago

Already pre-purchased Forza. Not a multiplayer gamer, so I don't think The Crew would work out for me. I will get to play Drive Club on my son-in-laws PS4. Don't like F1 racing (like to swap paint) and Project Cars looks very very interesting, but will wait to see what others think of it.

Makkanchor1420d ago

Gran turismo 7 will kill them all

Makkanchor1420d ago

But for now driveclub will do me fine and then project cars

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