It’s official: Microsoft finally launches Xbox One in China

The Xbox One is out in China, following a brief, last-minute delay. This launch marks the first time a foreign console has been allowed on the Chinese marketplace in 14 years. Microsoft partnered with Chinese media company BesTV on the release, and it reports that the Xbox One is now on sale in 4,000 retail locations in 37 cities around the country, Venture Beat says.

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bintarok1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

4,000 retail locations in 37 cities? wow that would make some serious sales figure per month even if each retail could only sell 1-3 a day.

You can do the math.

Foehammer1537d ago

Will it make up for the fact that they sell in 58 less Countries? Can't hurt.

aviator1891537d ago

hopefully, china opens up a bit more to approving a variety of games for consoles launched there.

Kingthrash3601537d ago

Who could disagree with that???????

Paprika1536d ago

I'm also looking forward to seeing what Chinese devs can bring to consoles. The Chinese have great culture and many historic influences, but also very creative modern trends. I hope it works for Xbox, and eventually PlayStation and Nintendo!

Automatic791536d ago

Definitely glad Xbox one is providing more gaming experiences to other territories. Can't wait to see how those developers use the Xbox one for more gaming goodies.

Illusive_Man1536d ago

A Golden opportunity to establish brand loyalty in an emerging market with a crap ton of people.

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