Destiny is the Best/Worst Game I Can’t Stop Playing

I want to stop but look at that shiny legendary engram!

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mochachino1510d ago

I have the same affliction. Destiny turned all the fun and excitement of a slot machine (or lack thereof) into a co-op FPS.

I still give it a 7.5-8/10, but I'll admit I've put more time into Destiny than I have into several better games.

iDadio1510d ago

Sums it up perfectly, I've spent way more hours on this than I have on other games that I enjoy significantly more (Metro redux for example).

Damn that loot system

joab7771510d ago's the world of the mmo, and it's b/c nothing is more addictive than grouping up w/ ppl w to chase after loot. Nothing. Stories are good, some are great, but they r brief. Open world's can be alot of fun to explore, but chasing after that next elusive carrot, the pinnacle of obsessive compulsive joy!

Conzul1510d ago

Finished my first Vault Raid this evening. The endeavor itself was arduous and not much fun, but man...when Antheon went down on like the 20th try...whooo, the dopamine rush and the partying and cheering was so worth it.

Great loot, too. They need to keep pumping out more and weirder Raids and I'll keep playing for quite a while.

joydestroy1510d ago

i haven't been playing as often since i've been a level 22. i'm waiting for my little brother to pick it up to dump more time into it. plus... shadow comes out tomorrow.

n4rc1510d ago

I'd say the same..

At 60 hours already, there's no way its good enough to warrant that! Lol... I think its the bs factor in getting gear.. Its gambling and we all know how addictive that can be

Omnisonne1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

I have a feeling this is why many are still playing, but for the wrong reasons.

1510d ago
Haru1510d ago

Same old article ''I hate Destiny but I can't stop playing'' God I've seen the same headline so many times before even on this site, we got it the game sucks but you can't stop playing no need to post same articles over and over again it's geting old -_-

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