iPhone Clone Battlemodo: Which One Is the iPhoniest?

Okay, so the iPhone 3G is going to be the second coming of Jesus in pocketable form, but maybe you're a rebel and don't wanna look exactly like the estimated 27 million other tools expected to be running around with an iPhone by 2009. You wanna be different. (Or maybe you can't seem to break out of that damn Sprint contract.) Still, you do want a touchscreen, 3G data, a music player and all that jazz. Is there an iPhone clone worth buying from your carrier?

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Lord Anubis3652d ago

i want the 3G iPhone but i don't want to sign the contract :(

onyxbox3651d ago

just mug someone then get it cracked.


SkullBlade3651d ago

I wonder if you can run the "rm -rf /" command on the iPhone...