Create, Ride, Destroy, Scream - Here's What to Expect from ScreamRide


During this Summer's gamescom 2014 Xbox Briefing, ScreamRide's reveal stood out, even though it wasn't exactly clear what kind of game we were looking at. Is it a simulation? An action title? Recently, I met up with Executive Producer Jorg Neumann, who shared much more on ScreamRide, including a look at the tools used to construct roller coasters that defy reality and what happens when your friends start riding them.

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tinynuggins1541d ago

This is a perfect father and son game. Can't wait.

scotmacb1541d ago

I bet this uses the cloud to do the destruction

WeAreLegion1541d ago

This game looks amazing.

Jorg is awesome.

I still hate Larry.

KiwiViper851541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Didn't catch what he said when Larry asked when its coming out?

Edit: Just looked at the picture... Spring

BG115791541d ago

The game looks fantastic...
The game itself makes me think of Pain.

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