Are Gaming Headsets Worth the Cost?

With so many options of headphones, one could feel lost in the endless sea of headphones and headsets in just about any electronics store, there are the cheap headphones for the person who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money just to play music, there are the high end headphones people wear not only for music quality but also as a fashion statement, then there are those headphones in the corner.

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nippletwister1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Depends on the game. Some games like FPS want bass and soundstage for positioning and explosions and crap, other games are musical and like to make the atmosphere.
Gaming headsets are designed for some of those things [well, mostly the sound stage and explosions], and the additions of volume and mute/unmute buttons are functional.

But i will always prefer a proper headphone that is neutral, like Shure SRH440 or KRK KNS 8400, with the AntLion ModMic 4.0. Dislike gaming headphones, especially when they are riced.

Dontworrybhappy1536d ago

I just bought XO Four. Come on amazon!

BX811536d ago

Just got the XO four a little while ago. My xb1 standard head set was messing up. It's a solid head set. The volume doesn't go super loud but it's pretty good. The only wire is from the headset to the controller.

zerog1536d ago

If you buy a good one then yes. Cheap headsets tend to have crap sound quality and worse mics.

ramiuk11536d ago

the sony gold one for ps4 is brilliant and quality of audio is really good.

zerog1536d ago

Its an ok headset, my brother has one but they're better out there for a little more in cost. If you can't afford more then $100 on one its probably your best bet though.

Elwenil1536d ago

Any headset with "virtual" surround sound is not worth the $50+ most places want for them. Stereo sound with a little reverb is NOT true surround sound separation. Sadly, only a couple gaming headsets actually have more than one driver per ear.

awi59511535d ago


Some do and they sound like crap because the speakers are too small. Big freaking clear stereo headphones have better sound quality and still have positional sound.

STK0261536d ago

They are worth it if you plan on playing online a lot. May it be on PC or consoles, I hate it when some people (friends) are willing to pay hundreds if not thousands in gaming gear and games, but refuse to buy a decent headset. If I have to ear voice feedback or the sound of your game coming from your sound system, it makes my experience much worse, and I usually end up muting them, friends or not. All I want to hear is the person's voice, not his parents or his roommate, not his music; nothing but his or her voice.

It's about respecting the people you play with.

As for sound quality, they can usually be pretty good, although you can usually get a better deal and/or quality with non-gaming headphones.

shaun mcwayne1536d ago

I have the headset pictured. I love them, good quality sound. Only fault bit on the heavy side for long sessions.

level 3601536d ago

Don't judge headphones because of their looks or because they are popular.

Try out different brand and listen for awhile, get accustomed and look for really good features that you think sets each of your choices apart.

Don't believe or be swayed by others.. it's you ears, you be the judge. Everyone has different preference.

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