That Game You've Played, I Haven't Played, But I Just Decided to Play Today #1: Minecraft

Minecraft PS4 Edition
Written By Jordan Loeffler

(yes, I know that the PS4 Edition was released very recently, but Minecraft's editions don't vary all that much)

Minecraft is a randomly generated, open-world game where you're dropped, practically naked, and expected to survive and eventually thrive. Basically, the entire world is made up of blocks that are destructible and constructible in order to give you the free will to make pretty much anything your heart desires from a humble abode, to an intricate, underwater mansion; from a fishing pole, to a portal into another dimension.

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jriquelme_paraguay1506d ago

2014 and i do not find any sense to play this game yet

kneon1506d ago

Every time I try to play it I'm bored after a day or two and then I ignore it for 6 months before I try it again to remind myself why I'm not playing it.

Tex1171506d ago

Yeah, I have never played it. I just don't see the appeal.

Macdaddy711506d ago

MS stole this game, how many mom n dads going to buy X1 for little Johnny to play this game??? Millions baby I think it's the best buy for MS in years, I bet Sony shit All over there self when they heard of this....haha
People that think Sony not worry, search google n see how many copies sold on Sony brand a lot,
This will help all them 360ers upgrade to X1....
I would bet my life saving in two years X1 will pass ps4 in systems sold in the USA

BiggerBoss1506d ago

You realize Minecraft is already on PS3 and ps4 right? And it's going to stay there.

Btw, the Xbox one is going to need more than MS purchasing Mojang to outsell the Ps4. Let's hope your lifesaving arent that much.

aviator1891506d ago

I still have not played this game yet.
Though I'll probably try it out soon. Most of my friends play it so might as well give it a shot.

MarcoGT1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

I like playing it just to create in creative mode, I got a few partly done projects like a house bridge thing and a 35 story skyscraper in the works.
If you're a narrow minded graphics whore then should just stop gaming, I didn't care until I really gave it a try and used my imagination then you can really see how awesome it can be and every world is unique with all custom made buildings and caves and stuff underground to explore.