See All New Gameplay and How You'll Create Your Own Character in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Want to start drumming up some hype for Dragon Age: Inquisition? If so, this upcoming live stream may be just the place to start. Hosted by creative director Mike Laidlaw and producer Cameron Lee, developer BioWare's stream will begin at 18:00PM BST – that's 10:00AM PT and 13:00PM ET for you Americans.


Live stream is over. So the player isn't working for some it seems. Check out this upload taken directly from the stream on YouTube.


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BattleTorn1511d ago

"unsupported player." is all I see.

Kal8531511d ago

Same here. My tablet doesn't support Flash. :(

Saryk1511d ago

Damn video doesn't work, I want my money back!

Paprika1511d ago

I updated the post. Sadly I can't remove and edit the video.

Pintheshadows1511d ago

Someone should show this to Bungie.

Paprika1511d ago

Bioware are just complete the CEO in epic arpg game devs. Well, till we mention CD projekt red... then its close