Minecraft: Xbox One Edition - Xbox One Review | Chalgyr's Game Room

Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

Microsoft owns Minecraft. At the time of this review, that is one of the biggest headlines in gaming. It’s big news for sure, but the biggest question is “why now?” Minecraft is B-I-G. It is arguably the most popular single game for my kids’ generation. Any time my kids meet someone new, the first question is “Do you have Minecraft?” And the answer is always “yes”. And they aren’t the only ones. There has been some amazing work done in Minecraft with entire communities building epic recreations of fantasy worlds, working computers, and works of art. It is truly a cultural phenomenon. From that perspective, you can see why Microsoft wants it. They want their name associated with it. And more importantly, they want to keep it away from Sony. Which brings us back to the original question….why now? Minecraft is already available on nearly every major platform already….PC, iOS, Android, PS3, Xbox 360. If they really wanted to monopolize it, they should’ve done this along time ago.

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