New Dragon Age Inquisition Screenshots Show Stunning Graphics

Electronic Arts showcases new beautiful Dragon Age Inquisition screenshots, including one that previews the Character Creation tool.

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TheUltimateGamer1415d ago

Looks beautiful. Can't wait to take this game out for a spin.

Alexious1415d ago

Can't wait either, though Shadow of Mordor and Lords of the Fallen should satisfy the fantasy geek in me for a while.

ThunderPulse1415d ago

This isn't DriveClub your not taking it for a spin. You should be saddling this beast game.

Imp0ssibl31415d ago

Hopefully it won't be a travesty like 2

Alexious1415d ago

It will be much better than Dragon Age II.

SolidGear31414d ago

Been saying it for years and I guess I'll keep saying it, I enjoyed II much better.

psvitamanfan1415d ago

Stunning. Looking forward to this one!

ps4fanboy1415d ago

Witcher contender , or beater?? Ya never know...

anticlimax1415d ago

Too different to compare. Also too much a bait for discussions.

Alexious1415d ago

Why not have both? I surely will.

ps4fanboy1414d ago

That doesn't answer my question.
Of course , money giving , both.

Father__Merrin1415d ago

any idea on what resolutions console versions will ship at?

the_dark_one1415d ago

is that what is important to you? really? are you not more interested to know if it plays well? cause looks we all seen it, it looks great.
well to each their own i guess.

Forn1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Seriously? That's your question? Wow... Well, we know it'll most likely be 1080p on PS4 at least...

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