More Silver Wired Stereo Headset photos for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3

More photos are available for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 Silver Wired Stereo Headset. The product can also be used for PC, PlayStation Vita and other mobile devices.

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isarai1450d ago

Those look GORGEOUS!!

So Golds are made by sony at an affordable price, silvers are third party made specifically for Playstation, i wonder how the Platinums are going to be?

kurruptor1450d ago

This Silver is made by Sony as well.

isarai1450d ago

OH so they are, still really interested in what they'll be doing for the platinums

mixelon1450d ago

Personally I hope the platinums have seperate drivers (ie, tiny speakers) for surround so it's not simulated at all. That would make them expensive, but potentially worth it for real positional audio. Don't see many headphones that do this.

GiggMan1450d ago

I'm enjoying the wireless gold and I think the Sim surround sound is decent, especially for the price. I agree about the option for true surround sound though.

They have inspired me to look into a few more expensive options. I'll give my golds to my son.

CloudRap1450d ago

ugly, Ill stick to my pulse headset

isarai1450d ago

not a fan of minimalism huh?

CloudRap1450d ago

no Im just not digging the cloth look

Ares84HU1450d ago

I have to agree. It looks kind of cheap. I have the Gold, I'm sticking with that one until they release a better one.

Aghashie1450d ago


I wouldn't call new headsets ugly. But still, I agree about the pulse edition. Pulse may be a little heavy for long gaming sessions, but audio quality and bass are really impressive for a $150 set. Also, the bassimpact feature is quite nice... I'll just stay w my pulse set until they need to be replaced or a new pulse elite model hit stores.

1450d ago
mixelon1450d ago

The ear pads look like something you'd use to wash dishes.

They don't look concave enough to be comfortable on the ears either? The golds are super comfortable.

MusashiBlack1450d ago

These headset are great. GameStop gave these away to ASM today

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The story is too old to be commented.