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Dealspwn: "For many, Titanfall was the vanguard of a year of games that didn't live up to their hype. I am not one of those people.

Titanfall has kept me coming back week after week, month after month, because its gameplay is evergreen. I'm not just throwing myself through the grinder for randomised loot or arbitrary metagame levels, rather I'm playing simply because the thrill of snapping necks, dropping mechs and effortlessly traversing an entire map without touching the ground is nigh-on perfect, and worth every minute. The small yet dedicated fanbase clearly feels the same, enjoying the fact that the skill ceiling is as high as the lofty maps themselves.

So the third and final map pack is Respawn's opportunity to go gonzo; to create a crazy, visually diverse and utterly innovative last hurrah before presumably concentrating on a multi-platform sequel."

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tgunzz1508d ago

I am loving these new maps (depressing this is the last map pk). Seems more optimization was done, because it feels faster, smoother. Fantastic shooter!

Blues Cowboy1508d ago

Yeah, I'd like another pack. Still, I suspect that Titanfall 2 will be quite impressive indeed and pack all the post-launch features (black market etc) from the off.

Foehammer1508d ago

Great support

Takes a while to get accustomed to the additional capabilities like wall running.