Xbox One sales push past PS4 in UK after FIFA 15 and price cut sales spike

Sales of Microsoft’s Xbox One edged past PS4 this week as the machine enjoyed a massive sales spike on the back of FIFA 15.

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Septic1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Hold on, I think we're getting conflicting information here. More copies of Fifa were sold on the PS4 but more X1's were sold overall? It's weird no? Hardware sales edging over the PS4 but more copies sold on the PS4?

The key I think in both articles is that this 'information' is being relayed to us by so-called 'insiders'.

Eonjay1508d ago

They have to be very close if they both went up and PS4 lead last week. We don't know what "edged out" means. Either way they are both up and that is good.

Ballsack1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Hit seeking title...a further price drop ads everywhere for fifa and it slightly edged ps4 for ONE week... Slightly...


xHeavYx1508d ago

"An anonymous retail source has told" that's where I stopped reading

Prime1571508d ago

For this article having a source it's extremely vague. It feels as if it's one store's numbers.

We'll see soon enough. I'm not impressed by this site, though.

FITgamer1508d ago

So a single anonymous retailer has higher Xbox One sales for ONE week and this means Xbox One did better in the entire region? Makes sense.

Enemy1508d ago

Dat hit seeking title. Xbone is nowhere near outselling PS4 in the UK either.

DeadRabbits1508d ago

I think I know which Hole these figures where pulled out of!

XBLSkull1508d ago

Not sure why it is hard to believe, PS4 has a larger install base so it would make sense more copies of the game sold. Xbox has the superior network it makes sense to buy the Xbox when if you intend on multiplayer gaming.

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Kayant1508d ago

@ above

MCVUK has always leaked data like that. All those 106% infamous SS, 300% PS4 Destiny "rumors" are all "sources". It means little like with leaked figures with NPD that's how stuff happens because of the cost of the data.

"A senior industry source quoting Chart-Track data told MCV that PS4 sales spiked 300 per cent week-on-week after the launch of Destiny."

"MCV has been told by a trusted retail source that sales of PS4 consoles jumped 106 per cent last week as exclusive title InFamous: Second Son"


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gootimes1507d ago

X1 is cheaper on Amazon US too now, but only by $5.

I could see it selling more when in the UK with the significant price decrease there.

user55757081507d ago

anonymous retailer reports over 9000 xbox ones sold

frenchtoast1507d ago

They are only advertising Fifa for Xbox One on TV, so the bundle may well have had some effect. But it likely won't last.

Gamer19821507d ago

All rumours but if it did sell more 1 week with a price cut would it be surprising? Price cuts that are heavily advertised such as this one usually lead to a sales spike that lasts about a week. It won't change MS fortunes that much but it will increase sales in the long run. Not to PS4 numbers but a couple of hundred more perhaps (might not sound like much but this is UK only).

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green1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

I think it is logical. There are way more PS4 consoles in the UK than the X1 so there would be more copies of FIFA sold on the system with the larger install base.

But the system that had the biggest sales boost because of FIFA was the X1 thanks to a bundle with a lower RRP and adverts.

poppinslops1508d ago

Ding, ding, ding!

That's some mighty-fine logic.

mechlord1508d ago

my thoughts exactly.

Now watch MS publish some numbers in the coming days ...

Kribwalker1508d ago

As well, I don't think they typically count digital bundles in game sales. But physical games count, IE digital titanfall bundles didn't count on game sales

Baka-akaB1508d ago

True but there is limit to that logic when the ps4 version outsells the ps3 with a much bigger fanbase . The major difference is the ps3 version with its base will eventually outsells it

poor_cus_of_games1508d ago

Yeah but everywhere you look the ps4 with fifa 15 is also £329. Also it's a physical copy.

UltraNova1507d ago


They really shouldn't. They should wait and see if its a trend, if they actually outsold the ps4 and keep outselling it for a couple weeks more then yeah they should boast about it to boost the confidence of the public on xb1.

If they start beating their chest over a couple thousand units more and get pummeled the next week on people will rip them a new one... and they are quite 'perforated' as is.

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Neonridr1508d ago

but the X1 passing the PS4 is not directly related to Fifa 15 though. The price cut has to be factored in as well.

system221508d ago

Why is it when there's positive xb1 news there's an implied scandal behind people actually wanting the system is as mysterious as and unbelievable as alien abductions and real working hoverboards.

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DeadlyOreo1508d ago

No one has said or implied anything like that. All of the comments here are actually saying it makes sense.

MysticStrummer1508d ago

As of the time I'm commenting there is no one in this thread implying scandal. Please dial down your own drama.

Assassingamer1361508d ago

Well to be honest the source is anonymous so I don't believe this article until confirmation of sales in the UK

Alsybub1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )


The problem with your comment is, even though you said "As of the time I'm commenting there is no one in this thread implying scandal", the very first comment here suggests it:-

"Hold on, I think we're getting conflicting information here. More copies of Fifa were sold on the PS4 but more X1's were sold overall? It's weird no? Hardware sales edging over the PS4 but more copies sold on the PS4?

The key I think in both articles is that this 'information' is being relayed to us by so-called 'insiders'."

Just saying.

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hello121508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

I have gone digital and i know most of the people on my friends list have gone digital too.

I can buy the game for 20 Euros cheaper by just buying it on the American store.

Fifa 15 the x box 1 bundle, you get a code to download the game digitally.

Digital sales are huge on xb1 and its growing.

Another sign PS3 users switched to PS4 quicker.Figures posted by Metro, however, suggest that Xbox 360 was on par with PS4 sales, with PS4 reportedly accounting for 32 per cent of total sales

PS3 at 15%

360 sales match PS4 sales so its obvious people have not switched yet on the 360

poppinslops1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Yeah, I'm rather amazed at how easy the transition to digital has been...
It's not that I've conciously stopped buying physical games it's just...
Well, Titanfall in the bundle, Forza 5 (for the free weekend), super-time force (Games with gold), Forza Horizon 2 (demo), Project Spark (beta), D4, All of EA Access (except for madden)...
It's a bit disconcerting, but I cannot fault it.

I certainly never expected to be capable of downloading 40gig games (Aussie wi-fi), but I can, and it 'only' takes around 12-16 hours!

The only discs I've used have been films...

green1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Same here @KNWS. I never bought a single Full retail game on the XBox 360 via Games on Demand, but with the X1, it is the complete opposite.

Will be hard to go back to disks now.

Gohadouken1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Except a sizeable amount people did switch from the 360 .Part of those are precisely why the ps4 is currently that high in sales .

Otherwise yeah , i've gone digital numerous times on ps4 and xb1 . Especially for mostly if not solely online games .

And those consoles's process to mostly copy all of the disk game on hdd , make the shift easy to fathom

Volkama1508d ago

Aye as others have said, the vast majority of consoles shifted would be the FIFA15 bundle, which is a digital download and would not be factored into the FIFA15 sales.

But there are more PS4s than XBoxes already out there, and those are the ones making up the pure software sales part.

All makes sense really.

TheRedButterfly1508d ago

Not sure where the confusion is coming from... More copies of the game sold on PS4, but XO sold more consoles... What's to not get?

oSHINSAo1508d ago

That is posible Septic... it's Elementary Math, for example

xbox bundles with fifa 15 : 200,000
ps4 fifa 15 games only : 300,000
ps4 consoles : X < 200,000

So, it is posible

Kayant1508d ago

What Green said. It's the same thing that happened with Destiny. PS3 sold 4% software while X360 sold 14% but PS3 sold more hardware for that week because of bundle/marketing. Same thing with anonymous sources. It's Gfk data so like NPD all we get is sources pretty much almost all sales data we have gotten has been from "sources".

"A senior industry source quoting Chart-Track data told MCV that PS4 sales spiked 300 per cent week-on-week after the launch of Destiny."

"PS3 also had a good week and managed to beat sales of Xbox 360 hardware for a change. Again, there was a PS3/Destiny bundle."

OT - It would have been bad if that wasn't the case. The deal would have meant it did nothing. Also something interesting(amazon wise at least)

But on the 25 Sep

XB1 Fifa = 7, PS4 Fifa = 18.

29 Sep(All sales for the week would be accounted for)

Fifa PS4 8, XB1 9
See my post on gaf -

jrshankill1508d ago

More people already have the PS4. So it would shift more copies of the game. It kind of makes sense that more copies would still sell on PS4 (although I was surprised in was only 100,000 more.. but now it makes sense if more Xbox One consoles were sold)

The Xbox One Fifa bundle was announced before the PS4 bundle, so I would guess that many people already pre-ordered the Fifa Xbox One bundle. Sony announced the Fifa bundle in a knee-jerk reaction, and was late to the dance.

DJustinUNCHAIND1508d ago

Digital copies.

More consoles does not necessarily mean more software and vice versa.

Kayant1508d ago

Gfk doesn't track Digital sales. So that's unknown.

Mega241508d ago

dafuq?, you seriously didn't understand that?

PS4 already has that many consoles in the UK, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to get that. It could have sold more but the Xbox one bundle also sold more consoles, because of the fifa game.

On a more serious not, People who by Fifa are wasting their money. Game is a scam.

Septic1508d ago

SO PS4 sales are stagnating allowing the X1 to catch up? That is article worthy.

*rubs hands together and laughs maniacally*

Dlacy13g1508d ago

@Septic possible answer... they PS4 copies of Fifa 15 was for stand along games not counting bundles and the other explanation is that while the hardware tilted in MS's favor the PS4 still had more game disc sales. Both of these rumored data points can be true.

mochachino1508d ago

@ Septic

PS4 has a larger existing userbase so xone sales could have surpased PS4s weekly sales while more copies of the game were sold on PS4.

However, "an anonymous retailer", does not reflect total UK sales. So who knows if it's even true.

phantomxll1508d ago

Anything positive about the Xbox One will be taken with a grain of salt. N4G rule number 5.

jjonez181508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Xbox has an exclusive FIFA 15 bundle in the UK. PS4 has the higher install base. I thinks it's feasible that the xb1 moved more consoles while PS4 moved more software in this given week. PS4 does have retail-pushed bundles but they are higher priced and have been on the market for less time than the XB1 bundle.

Edit: Many above can see this same scenario happening.

Magicite1508d ago

those football fans...smh.

jackanderson19851508d ago

digital sales most likely also do they count bundled in those sales figures? never make it clear or they change week on week

trywizardo1508d ago

well , PS4 players can buy the game with the old PS4 console . mean while new players want a console with the game so xbox sold more , but the game sold more on PS4 because there are like 10m players with PS4 ...
is it really hard to get !!!

GamerRetro1507d ago

You are clearly delusional and can't accept facts and really sad Sony fan keep dreaming

Bennibop1507d ago

This seems unlikely as Sony were giving a physical copy of FIFA 15 with their bundle for the same price.

avengers19781507d ago

First XB1 outselling PS4 in the UK is not surprising. Second more people there already own a PS4.

No actual numbers are out so it could be by a hundred units or less, and this is only one week and in one area so in the grand scheme of things this does little to help the XB1 catch up to PS4 in overall world wide sales.

andibandit1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Where's the mystery??

PS4 larger installbase => more Fifa sold
XBOXOne 3rd price slash this year => more Console sales

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TAURUS-5551507d ago

theres no way the xbox1 can sell more that the PS4 NO WAY ¡¡¡¡¡

Illusive_Man1507d ago

Pretty easy to understand. A lot of people already have a PS4. The PS4 install base is higher so they bought more copies. However, perhaps those who have yet to commit to either platform chose the Xbox One due to the bundle. Very simple stuff here.

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gameon19851508d ago

Oh snap, first the big launch in china now this things are getting interesting. And let the count down begin until the Sony fan boys try and flood this site with negative Xbox one News.

GarrusVakarian1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

"first the big launch **in china**"

From the title:

"Xbox One sales push past PS4 **in UK** after"


Volkama1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

He's just pointing out that there are 2 positive XBox sales articles in quick succession, which is fairly rare given that the console has been repeatedly trumped by Sony in all territories since launch.

Don't think it'll be enough to reverse any results for September though, what with that other game with the shooting and the wizards from the moon and such.

COD and Halo month would be the one to watch. If there is going to be a reversal of fortunes it will surely be November...

GarrusVakarian1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

@Gamon &Volkama

Oh yeah, my bad, I misread your comment XD

jrshankill1508d ago


Dont forget that the PES article that all the Sony fans were laughing at might be 180'd.. Konami and MS working to bring the resolution up.

Words being eaten everywhere today. Lesson is, wait before opening mouths.

GamerRetro1507d ago

They are history very soon I assure you the sale parity is going to be over soon Sony doesn't stand a chance lol

avengers19781507d ago

Just because a couple of places had some good lines in China means very little until some sales numbers come out. They could have sold 200,000 they could have sold 30,000 we just don't know yet.

Plus if China turns out like japan and next week falls to like 2,000 and the week after that falls again then it's not really positive.

Again I'd wait to see some actual sales figures, cause I haven't heard any and I didn't see anything that said the XB1 sold out in China.

greenlantern28141507d ago

You will be waiting a long time for those actual sales numbers my friend. Since MS hasn't given any this year, always shipped.

rarity1508d ago ShowReplies(2)
TomahawkX1508d ago

with Sunset/COD bundles and Halo, things are going to be very interesting.

Volkama1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

COD bundle is a big deal in terms of numbers, and Halo is a big deal in terms of the core audience.

Sunset will have a pretty small impact imo, purely because it is a new IP and targets relatively niche audience. It has colours, but is not for children. People don't usually get that.

That's not to say anything against Sunset though, just the impact it might (not) have on the market.

gman_moose1507d ago

Exactly, SSO might be a nice game for exisiting XB1 owners, but it's not going to sell consoles on its own. Why bundle a new IP which is very niche anyway? 99.9% of the people who even know about this game already have an XB1. I guess the orange console is unique, but then again, people who would drop $400 to have a second console because it's orange are certifiably retarded.

GodGinrai1508d ago

I still have about 40 or so friends on x360. Im pretty sure between the CoD and soon to be announced halo bundle, most will make the jump to XB1. especially with quiet a few of them playing destiny. The ones who downloaded it will be able to simply download to their XB1s. And I know a few who will be buying because A) I have one and B)its Xmas season.

TomahawkX1508d ago

Im holding out for Scalebound myself, hopefully the price drops even more by then:)

aviator1891508d ago

I don't imagine the sunset bundle will have much impact, but the cod and halo effect will be fairly significant.

rapidturtle1508d ago Show