Media Molecule Hopes to Announce its Second PS4 Game “Soon”

Media Molecule is currently developing Tearaway Unfolded, but they’re also working on another PS4 game, which was teased at the console’s presentation about a year and a half ago.

During a livestreamed developer session held yesterday at EGX 2014 in London, the studio’s Community Manager James Spafford mentioned that the development of that game is going on in parallel with Tearaway Unfolded, and Media Molecule hopes to finally talk about it “soon.”

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

The sooner the better! I really like MM they're a unique developer. I'm always excited to see what they're up to next. I'm also excited for Teraway: Unfolded. It looks great can't wait to play it.

GameDev11210d ago

"I really like MM they're a unique developer"

I know right, they really use creativity in games, very excited to play Tear away

On topic: yay to this, hope its a completely new ip

nX1210d ago

It's without a doubt a new IP, they gave away LBP after the second one. I hope they'll show it this year, at least they're finally talking about it :S

Forn1209d ago

Really excited to see what they've been toiling away at. I bet it's going to be incredible. Also happy to be able to play Tearaway on PS4 since I don't have a Vita.

NukaCola1209d ago

Tearway on Vita was absolutely amazing. The PS4 edition looks to be even more gorgeous and vibrant.

Mr Pumblechook1210d ago

Little Big Planet 4?

Seriously. I think this could be the game their main team has been working on and I'm thinking it could be very unique.

DarkOcelet1210d ago

I dont think so because i remember them saying they are making a new ip . Its gonna be awesome , that i am sure of :).

WeAreLegion1210d ago

They already showed a portion of the new game at the PS4 reveal. Soon after, they did an interview with Game Informer about it. Clay modeling is definitely part of the game.

Mr Pumblechook1209d ago

Rereading my own comment i didn't make it clear enough in the second para that I was referring to a new IP.

El_Assenso1209d ago

Wow! This means Media Molecule must have two dev teams working on two separate games, much like nearly all of Sony's top game studios i.e. naughty Dog, Guerrilla, Santa Monica, Japan Studio etc.

Very exciting!

Fizzler1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Hopefully it's not another game for pre-teens and man-children.

DarkOcelet1210d ago

?? Their games are for all ages and they are really good , i dont know what are you talking about .

Dark111210d ago

MM will always focus on family friendly games.

GarrusVakarian1210d ago

Yeah, they need to make a MANS game, preferably with a first person view...with explosions and other cool stuff, right?


DarkOcelet1210d ago

Say Lukas , you think if i bubbled you up , you can get 11 bubbles because 10 bubbles are not enough for you my friend :) .

Fizzler1210d ago

Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!!!

scark921210d ago

They make games for the creative, just because its not targeted to you..

Fizzler1210d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

I am creative, I like drawing pictures in the wall with my AK-47.

uth111209d ago

@Fizzler- lmao, I just spit my coffee out reading your comment!

Majin-vegeta1210d ago

Wow bro you must be so hardcore.

Can't wait to see what it is.

Inception1209d ago

Yeah, i hope MM making 'mature' games like CoD where kids swearing each other, dropping F-bomb, and comparing their e-penis...oh wait.

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HappyWithOneBubble1210d ago

Like to see a new ip platform.

SirBradders1210d ago

Games games games, Damn I wish I was young again.

scark921210d ago

I hope it has a creative/editor feature like they implemented in LBP, those features interest me more than anything!

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