Konami Working With Microsoft To Increase PES 2015 XOne Resolution, But says "720p Still Very High"

PES European Brand Manager has issued an interesting update in PES 2015 resolution-gate controversy between PS4 vs Xbox One.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

720p is very high? For a current gen console? That's just nonsense. Even 900p is barely acceptable IMO.

Off topic: Looks like things might get even worse than this if recent rumors are true about Shadow of Mordor on Xbox One being 720p/30fps while PS4 is 1080p/60. That's a massive difference.

Septic1212d ago

I'll be honest here. I know resolution is important but only because the gaming community has told me so. Is 900p or 720p acceptable? I don't know. I can't make a statement like yours. I reckon that you'll see some 900p PS4 games later on in the generation.

But what I do know is that the X1 is struggling to reach 1080p and I can make an educated guess that as time goes on, 1080p games will be increasingly rare on the X1. I own both consoles so I have the luxury of picking the platform I want to play on but I do feel annoyed a tad because most of my mates are getting the X1 and I'm going to be stuck with the inferior version of multiplats (unless they are single palyer games).

Also, I have a feeling that Dragon Age: Inquisition might be running sub-1080p on X1 judging by my interview with the dev at BioWare.

Ballsack1212d ago

There has to be a trade off to get higher resolution on x1...less detail in the crowds and stadiums, lower textures.. and some certain frames removed from certain footballing motions which would still make the game 30fps anyway

Whatever happens there will be a trade off which will be highlighted when ps4 comparisons are released.

Better sticking with the 720p so x1gamers can enjoy the full experience as ps4 owners...phil needs to stop downgrading games to achieve 1080p..his falling for the resolution gate hype

Volkama1212d ago

@Ballsack the games that have been pushed to 1080p with Microsoft's assistance (Destiny, Diablo 3) didn't sacrifice any level of detail to get there.

Too much gets made of MS supporting devs. Sony support devs too. When did that become a bad thing?

windblowsagain1212d ago

Depends really.

720p on a 720p display is fine.

Considering tons of PC gamers monitors were.

1680x1050 for along time and the games still looked stunning.

If you have a 1080p monitor or tv, and most do now.

Then yes 1080p should be standard.

uth111212d ago

I don't believe that anything 720p or higher looks bad. My friend has an Xbox one. He even has a larger screen than I have. I've seen some of these sub-1080 games in action and they still look really good.

For me, resolutiongate isn't about resolution itself. It's more about when buying a console, you want one that will have enough power to last a 5-7 year lifespan, and when one is constantly stuggling with resolution already.. it helped cement my decision to go PS4.

ABizzel11212d ago


Yes there were, but they were so minor it really didn't matter, but at the same time that brings up the question of why settle on the PS4 version then. If with assistance they can improve the XBO version from 900p to 1080p with those games, why not go the extra step to increase textures, effects, or framerate on the PS4 version as well.

iistuii1212d ago

I get what your saying. But my point is that a game which when being played has a green pitch, 22 players & a ball should in no way have trouble running at 1080p on the Xbox One. I'm not having it, I have played more demanding games at 1080 or 900 than a football game. If you look at FH2 with its open environment & lovely cars running at 1080, & they're telling us they cant get a sport game running, do me a favor. It will be their loss in the end as Xbox owners will just skip their game & continue to play Fifa, which is 1080p...

Dee_911212d ago

@Septic the more you get accustomed to the tech the more you can get out of it.So more games do have a chance of reaching 1080p on xbox later.

Personally, 720p is good enough for me.. its the absolute minimal ( well 720p 30fps is) but its still good enough imo.

EXVirtual1212d ago

Maybe Dragon Age will be sub 1080p.
I think that if PES can't reach 1080p on the XBO without MS' help, a more demanding game running at 720-960p would not be that surprising.

StrawberryDiesel4201212d ago

I agree, however, the resolution doesn't make me have less fun when playing Titanfall, Dead Rising 3 or Ryse. Also really looking forward to Sunset Overdrive which looks very entertaining. Higher resolution doesn't equate to more fun/entertainment. If the gameplay sucks who gives a crap if the game's 1080P?

Highlife1212d ago

Well that is very telling. You don't hear about PlayStation teams being sent out to help boost the resolution. Takes way to much effort on the bone to get up to par.

ProjectVulcan1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

At this rate Microsoft are going to have to send a technical team to every third party developer in the world to try and get Xbox One versions closer to PS4.

Sounds expensive.

Would probably have been cheaper just building a faster console. But hey.

tuglu_pati1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

But 720p still very high..

XBLSkull1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

It sounds to me like the problem is the Fox engine is just a POS. Neither this game nor MGS: GZ are very graphically demanding yet the games still struggle on the Xbox. Probably an engine specifically created for the PS4 with no extra work to take advantage of the X1 architecture, and likely skipping the esRAM's bandwidth advantage over the PS4 altogether. Probably good Microsoft is helping them, same thing happened with Destiny. Microsoft helped out and took 900p up to 1080p in only 4 weeks from beta to release. Diablo also made that jump.

AngelicIceDiamond1212d ago

"720p Still Very High"

Sounds like Konami Doesn't weigh in on Res like others do.

Which is very weird coming from a developer.

BiggerBoss1212d ago

@xblskull. "Fox engine is just a POS"

Come on man, I know you're an Xbox fanboy but seriously?? Fox engine looks great (PES not as much as metal gear or pt, but still). Take off the fanboy glasses and see that the xb1 is just not as powerful as you think. That shouldn't affect your enjoyment of it, so just accept it. Fox games aren't the only ones having trouble on Xbox one.

SilentNegotiator1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Resolution matters so little to Microsoft that they send in a strike team every time major games' resolution isn't up to snuff. They should have focused from the beginning on providing a strong game console, instead of Kinect, but now they're stuck with what they have.

DarXyde1211d ago


"It sounds to me like the problem is the Fox engine is just a POS"

Now you're just showing how ridiculous you can be. You obviously haven't watched the open world video of The Phantom Pain in the jungle. Perhaps not even P.T.

Educate yourself. FOX Engine looks incredible. The Phantom Pain's visuals >>> Ground Zeroes'. Fix ya seein' balls.

Haru1211d ago

Here comes another downgrade, I hate this why does Microsoft have to hold games back just because of their underpowerd console :( Why can't they just accept the fact that xbox is weaker and PS4 is more powerful? Thanks god for exclusive games at least we'll get to experience some real next gen games like Uncharted 4 and other first part studios games because all third party developers are being held back by Microsoft right now.

UltraNova1211d ago

So for the game on xb1 to be brought on par with the ps4 version (with or without MS's help and all that extra time needed) shouldn't development of the ps4 be stopped at a point where the devs estimate the XB1 can perform?

I dont know what MS is doing but I see a lot of effort from devs to reach parity this time around something they could care less about last gen when they effectively released broken ps3 multiplats.

What the least xbox onwners benefit and PS owners will always have that amazing Sony 1st party lineup to set things straight.

Tiqila1211d ago

if you do not want to rely on what the gaming community has told you, there is a simple way to find out if resolution matters to you.

1. Go to your desktop settings
2. change resolution from 1920x1080 to 1280x720.

Can you tell the difference? Which one do you like more? Alternatively do the same inside any game of yours.

Alsybub1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )


"If with assistance they can improve the XBO version from 900p to 1080p with those games, why not go the extra step to increase textures, effects, or framerate on the PS4 version as well."

So, you're saying that if a developer can achieve target on Xbox One they should go back to the beginning and rebuild all of their assets and re-optimise for PS4 in order to keep the PS4 version ahead of the Xbox version. You do realise that would be a massive undertaking, right?

The fact that with more time and effort the Xbox One can achieve this doesn't mean that the PS4 should exceed it. It means that the PS4 is an easier platform to develop for and achieve target. Yes, the PS4 can do better but the target would have to be higher to begin with. If the developers went back to the beginning to enforce disparity then the games would be in development for double the time. Also, it's not exactly good business to ensure that one version is better than the other. If parity can be achieved without detracting from the original vision of the product then that is what any dev, publisher and consumer would like. If the consumer wants there to be disparity then it's for personal reasons, other than the games themselves.

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lelo2play1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

I don't expect the X1's version to look as good as the PS4's version, but in all honesty this looks like a game made by a bunch of lazy developers expecting a quick buck. The disparity between the PS4's 1080p/60fps and the X1's 720p/30fps is just way too big. If I had a X1 I would never buy this game. I wouldn't support lazy developers.

EDIT: @Septic
Tell me something. Do you expect the disparity between the X1 and PS4 version of a game to be this great... Xbox One being 720p/30fps while PS4 1080p/60fps ?
The PS4 is not THAT more powerful then the X1. That's like saying the PS4 is 3-4 times more powerful then the X1.

Septic1212d ago

"If I had a X1 I would never buy this game. I wouldn't support lazy developers."

Really? Then I suggest you don't buy an X1 at all because you're going to see more examples of this kind of disparity and not just from these devs.

GarrusVakarian1212d ago

"That's like saying the PS4 is 3-4 times more powerful then the X1." do you work that out? It's 720p 60fps, not 30fps on the X1. No where near enough difference to claim that that's like saying the PS4 is 3-4 times more powerful.

boing11212d ago

I'm pretty sure that Monolith guys are far from lazy.

Eonjay1212d ago

Can we stop with the lazy dev thing please? Activision, EA and even Blizzard all needed help with their games. It means that Microsoft needs to do a better job with its SDK because obviously everyone needs help.

tontontam01212d ago

If x1 gamers would do that, developers would probably quit on xbox one and concentrate on PC and PS4.

GiggMan1212d ago

You can claim lazy, or whatever if ms devs come in and "help" the game get to at least 900p. I'm interested myself to see if they can do it considering the PS4 version is already 1080p.

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jrshankill1212d ago

Does this prove the "Lazy Developer" argument?

The developer saying 720p is "very high".


bazinga_911211d ago

More like it prove the hypocrisy of the xbone fanboys.
Resolution didn't matter to you people, but look at how you people are bitching and moaning now.

gangsta_red1211d ago


More like the hypocrisy of the sony camp who used the excuse of "lazy devs" whenever and wherever a game didn't turn out exactly as they hoped.

We have already had sports games on X1 that hit 1080p, hell at least 900p. Not caring about resolution when a game already looks stunning is one thing, not being able to hit a resolution above 720p when everyone else is clearly capable of it is definitely another situation.

So, should we say lazy devs?

mochachino1212d ago

I'd be happier if more games were 60FPS at the cost of resolution, be it 900p or 720p.

boing11212d ago

I concur. I too prefer higher fps than res.

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ramiuk11212d ago

900p is bare minimum for me as i game on a 106" projector and anyhting less is painful at 14ft away.

if its 1080p it looks better graphics on my projector than it does on my 47" led from 6ft

imt5581212d ago

Will MS succeed? Only few weeks ( 3 or 4 ) left before PES 2015 become "gold"

1212d ago
Kidmyst1212d ago

720P is not high when the previous console could hit that and spending $400 or more on a new "better" console is a challenge to do better. 720P is not high. If I spent $300 in upgrades to my PC and graphics and saw no change I'd be unhappy too.

TWB1211d ago

If you buy a shiny new GPU it doesnt mean that your resolution will automaticly increase. You will gain more performance which you can exchange for better graphics (not only for resolution, graphics hold much more than just the resolution).

Just because some last and current gen games have the same resolution, doesnt mean there arent any differences in graphics department.

Besides there has been console generations before where resolution didnt really change at all but graphics made a giant leap. Hell PS1 went backwards and pretty much every 3D PS1 game is 25/30FPS while some old nintendo games were more often 60FPS.

Magicite1212d ago

Microsoft will have to ''work'' with every dev now to meet sacred 1080p.

C-H-E-F1212d ago

I wonder what will MGS be then, if Konami are having issues as a company with something as simple as soccer. Ports games should be alot easier to hit 1080p 60fps than Shooters especially MGS. I'm very interested in this.

hollabox1212d ago

Lazy developers! If Ryse can hit 900P this game should be able to hit 900.

BG115791211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

Well, Ryse wasn't open world and it had the dept of a beat-them-all...

TWB1211d ago

Im really fence should I agree or disagree with you here.

720p isnt very high, yeah but 1600x900 is barely acceptable ? Are you joking ? To me 720p should be the bottom line considering how many last gen games were sub HD and upscaled to 720p.

I play most of my games on PC in 900p because it gives me like 20-30 FPS boost over 1080p and is only a bit less sharp. On a TV (where consoles are usually connected) the resolution difference is even less noticeable.

Then again, as you said the difference between 720/30 and 1080/60 is quite massive.

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Dlacy13g1212d ago

PES2015 not running 1080p on X1 is 100% lazy dev in this instance given we see their competitor in FIFA running at 1080p on the same machine and doing as much or more in game.

Kayant1212d ago

Oh you know it could be something else... Such as the way the engine is setup resulting in bottleneck because of XB1's architecture. Which based on evidence is the likely reason because of Esram size.

Dlacy13g1212d ago

Very true, but it's extremely difficult not to think that when you see their main rival coming out with a game that manages to pull off 1080p

Septic1212d ago

In fairness to Konami, PES 2015 looks a lot more detailed than Fifa. Someone put up some really good comparison pics that hammer the difference home.

ThePope1212d ago

PES is more detailed zoomed in. I like many play with the camera zoomed way out and at that distance FIFA looks much better. The pitch alone in FIFA is dynamic, where it is not in PES. There have been several gameplay comparo videos done on YouTube (all of which were based on the demo version of each game) and the visuals of FIFA 15, win out.

My point, I'm sure you're wondering is I think perhaps the new FOX engine is struggling with the X1 especially when you consider not one other sports game is sub 1080 on the console. I won't call people lazy as we live in a world of finite resources but I think the engine may be struggling with the hardware.

yezz1212d ago

Could you show the details that make 720p unachievable? Both have their pros, for example the grass is much better in Fifa, it even wears out and "bends" when players step/slide on it.

yezz1212d ago

I meant 1080p in my first comment of course..

hello121212d ago

Look Ryse is an example of what can be achieved on the xb1.

Ryse was 900p and is still considered by the critics to be one of best looking games on console ever. Crytek were using a SDK that was difficult to work with.

So are you telling me a soccer game can't go above 720p, on x box 1.

Software_Lover1212d ago

Ryse was 30fps........... sometimes.

Bennibop1212d ago

Don't think Ryse is a good comparison as its not multiplatform. Fifa managed parity but to be honest I think this is an issue with the Fox engine working on X1.

SniperControl1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Yeah, you are right Ryse is a good looking game, but it struggled big style framerate wise, dropping below 20fps quite often, i remember playing it at my mates house, annoyed the hell out us.

Deathdeliverer1212d ago

You also have to remember that only main characters in RYSE were highly detailed, which ended up being maybe 8- 10 people total. Enemies are not a main attraction however and they all were clones and looked like shit. You would literally fight the same 7 enemy types for the duration of the game. On top of that, 3 would look the EXACT SAME while you were fighting them. This isn't Final Fight or Streets of Rage. In a soccer game EVERY character is the main attraction so they all have to be high res, smoothly animated, and at the same time. That's whats confusing some of you. Ryses trade was everything but the Hero looks mediocre. Can't afford that in any sports game. Can't wait to see a fully next gen boxing game though. With just 3 people to go all out on it should be phenominal.

DigitalRaptor1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

Yeah… and Ryse made some absolutely horrible compromises to reach a level of fidelity on the main character models. Keep pretending the resolution is the only factor into Ryse's mediocrity.

The performance was godawful.

The environments were corridor and not hugely impressive compared to the main character models.

The enemies you fight were simply clones of the same classes and not that detailed.

Crytek is what Crytek does.

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hkgamer1212d ago

they are different engines so cant really compare. also ea is massive compared to konami, they have more resources.

anyway. read on gaf(i know they are not experts) and they mentioned it was due to the esram and the low bandwith it has. fox engine apparently uses deferred rendering instead of forward rendering which needs a high bandwidth.


heres a good read, its simple enough for me to understand.

ABizzel11212d ago

Different Engines & Different Developers.

The PS4 also has 2x the ROPs and almost 2x the GigaPixel/s output as the XBO, which simply makes 1080p a much easier target.

Most developers said Sony has been a great help and had solid tools day 1, I can't find anything on developers commenting on the XBO tools.

It also boils down to sales. PES sold best on PS3 by a good margin all last gen, the PS4 has dominated EU, and compared to the XBO it's dominating JP. Those are the regions where PES sells best, so if it came down to which a time crunch and version should get the most support.

MS is going to have to step in more and prevent issues like this from happening on a wide scale. The PS4 simply has the better GPU, and the GPU the XBO uses is recommended for 900p gaming (R7 260), and when they downclocked it to reduce heat and TDP it also weakened it to the HD 7770 levels. The GPU in the PS4 is recommended for 1080p gaming even with it's downclock (R7 265+). So it's going to happen a lot more often than not.

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GarrusVakarian1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

"But says "720p Still Very High""

Lmfao. Still "very high" compared to what, 480p?

"why would sales be poor because of resolution? i'd buy a 480p football game if it was amazing! **1080p does not mean quality**"

Sure it does - image quality.

Pathetic damage controlling from that dev. Almost as pathetic as their job with this game on the X1.

iistuii1212d ago

Their loss. If they ever want to even begin to try get the football crown back, they had better come out with something more than that. From what I've played of the demo, PS4 demo, it's not going to take many Fifa fans away, especially Xbox ones who will just not buy a substandard version when they could have the main competitor in 1080p.

caughtinyourwords1211d ago

So the main competitor is 1080p, but that does not mean that it needs to be a better game, although in this case it looks like it is. But really, resolution is not a big deal, i've been playing in 640p for the last 10 years and i've enjoyed these games as much as everybody else. Also, i've had more fun in FIFA World Cup 98 than in any other fifa game that followed after 2003. I just wish Destiny was in 480p and had a fucking story and less grind, but hey, a 1080p piece of crap is great.

aviator1891212d ago

It'd certainly be interesting if microsoft's resources and aid can help get the game to 1080p. It's worked with other games, so I wouldn't rule out the same thing happening here as well.

Toiletsteak1212d ago

I am confused does that mean the 360 and PS3 version of PES will be lower then 720p

Assassingamer1361212d ago

Ps3 version was confirmed 720p as well, not sure about the 360 version

tuglu_pati1212d ago

So Ps3 is the same as the XBO at 720p, cant believe there are people on this thread defending this dev, there is not excuse for this game been the same on PS3 and XBO when clearly the XBO is much more powerful, whoever think otherwise is just blind.

Assassingamer1361212d ago

Yep it is the same resolution and FPS. I think it has to more with fidelity and textures as they will stronger on the xbox one but I do agree that there is no excuse for the developers