The Best Exotic Armor For Warlock In Destiny

"In this three part series on the Best Exotic Armor for each Guardian class, we have been taking notes during our gameplay to determine which exotic armor is able to give you the edge in Destiny's massive Universe. We recently wrote about The Best Exotic Armor For Titan and The Best Exotic Armor For Hunter. Today we share our insights on what Exotic Armor to get for Warlock." -

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ArronNelson1509d ago

Light beyond Nemesis has to be one of the hardest exotic helmets to find. Anyone have much luck picking this up?

Double_Oh_Snap1509d ago

I got it from an exotic engram I bought from Xur.

TRD4L1fe1509d ago

same, and im a hunter. so i dismantle it. gave me 3 acsendent shards, and i was happy.

levian1509d ago

Any idea how to get the exotic weapon bounties? I got one randomly but my friend hasn't yet.

theDivision1509d ago

Yeah turning in multiple bounties at once are what give you the chance. It's a random chance though so my recommendation is get and complete as many bounties as possible and turn them in in large packs that will give you the best chance.

Tango_9111509d ago

@theDivision My first exotic bounty was received when i turned in just one bounty... I think thats just a misconception spread by a youtuber upon his own assumptions.

levian1509d ago

@theDivision & Tango_911

So then it's basically a chance to get it every time you hand in a bounty? Thanks for the info, although that kind of sucks - I was hoping I was done with bounties once I hit level 3 Vanguard rep. Guess I'll keep at it!

TheLastIronMan1509d ago

My clan lead picked it up doing the Vault of Glass raid. She was so happy she started to cry.

vickers5001509d ago

Got one from xur this time. Pretty cool looking helmet

xTheSociopathx1509d ago

i scrapped it for ascendant shards

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edwardhuff6631509d ago

I didn't realize how useful this helmet was until a friend of mine got it during PvE.

He could revive us so much faster than before. A definite must have if you are playing as a fire team with each guardian class equipped.

levian1509d ago

I bought the equivalent chest piece for my Titan and it's been awesome. I play Defender on it and do a fair amount of reviving. Once I get the ability to spawn more orbs with my super, Ward of Dawn will give an insane amount when under fire

ginalee5541509d ago

I found Hunters mask of the third man the other. My melee attack has increased, so worth the time it took farming for it.

danniellelewis1509d ago

No way. The amount of time it takes for an exotic drop is ridiculous. I spent 10 hours looking for Praxic fire only to find Young Ahamkaras Spine. SMH!

Bungie needs to let us trade in the next update. I have been lucky to find some pretty cool exotics not just for warlock. would be good trade it for some strange coins.

Mega241509d ago

Lol, I got exotics playing the game normally, doing strikes and pvping with friends.

My exotics since launch:
Helm of Saint-14 (Titan, Legendary Engram)
Knucklehead Radar (Hunter, got from Xur)
Apotheosis Veil (Warlock, Legendary Engram)
Sunbreakers (Warlock, Strike Reward)
Voidfang Vestments (Warlock, Legendary Engram)
Monte Carlo (Primary, Legendary Engram)
Bad Juju (Pulse, Bounty)
SUPOS Regime (Primary, from Xur)
Patience and Time (Sniper, Legendary Engram)
Invective (Fullauto Shotty, Bounty)
Thorn (Hand Cannon, Bounty)

Also have a batch of legendaries to long to put here on 3 different characters.

I really want to know how are people playing the game, I think most of them are playing it wrong, cus all of this didn't come from no loot cave.

Mega241509d ago

Add Universal Remote, Just got it on a crucible match.

UnHoly_One1509d ago

Agreed, Mega, I don't understand for the life of me why people think there is anything wrong with the loot system.

I have a group of friends that I play with regularly and none of us have had any problems getting our legendaries and exotics.

TRD4L1fe1509d ago

I didnt need to farm that helmet. bought it when Xur had it back in the 1st weekend he appeared, but yes that helmet is amazing and the fact that it reduces the amount of super used in arcblade makes that helmet awesome.

darren_poolies1509d ago

And for the Warlocks that don't like or don't use the gunslinger subclass?

Ace Killa 081509d ago

yeah I know what you mean :( I tried it and did not like it at all. Will look into some guides to see if it can grow on to me.

HugoDrax1509d ago

Trying to decide if I want.....The Sunbreakers Gauntlet? or the Light Beyond Nemesis? May get the helmet, and just buy a sweet warlock bond from the speaker.