Indie vs Triple AAA games

Chris Freeman believes we gamers are living in a golden age with a great variety of high budget, high polish Triple AAA titles. Offset this against the sheer variety of titles, imagination and innovation in the indie development scene and there you have it - something special for everyone.

In recent years we have seen less triple AAA games, and significantly more indie games; many of which have been commercial and critical hits. Why is it that these games are beginning to dominate more and more of the games market? Is it their generally lower price point or is it that they are innovating in ways that big budget games are not?

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theindiearmy1508d ago

Triple AAA? So "AAA AAA AAA"?

That's a lot of As.

WeAreLegion1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

It's just like Dairy Queen's "$5 Buck Lunch". It is redundant.

Edit: @mpnothanks - I just assumed years ago that Dairy Queen's marketing division was run by third graders.

1508d ago
3-4-51508d ago

* The problem right now is that ALL games are being sold at $60. ( the AAA games),yet we know they aren't all worth that much.

* Some should realistically be being sold at $20,30,40,50 instead of just a standard $60.

* Some games have the content and replay value of 10+ other games, yet still cost the same amount.

I find those games truly will always be worth the FULL PRICE, but most "AAA" games aren't worth more than $30 Brand new.

DarXyde1508d ago

To be fair, some games that aren't indie like Blazblue, HD collections, and some JRPGs don't retail for $60. Heck, Activision charged $70 for the standard edition of MW2 when it came out. But yeah, many games at retail aren't worth the price of admission.

3-4-51508d ago

Well, y ea I'm obviously talking about the majority of games.

ThunderPulse1508d ago

I prefer Triple AAA over indie.

DarXyde1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

I agree with the article. I like having a blend of games. I think Indies have more to prove so they have to do things to differentiate them from similar games. AAA games are often better in terms of scale and how much power it draws out of your system, but I think Indies are a breath of fresh air. Since I've loved PlayStation since its inception, variety is a huge deal to me and I don't see AAA games doing that often enough. Personally I love how they coexist and it only helps the library grow faster.

ShutUpDonny1508d ago

It would be a very sad library of games on all platforms without indies. The perfect distraction between the few true great AAAs.

WeAreLegion1508d ago

Both, please! And it's not like there's a massive line separating the two. Indie just means independent. Many massive titles are still indie titles.

bennissimo1508d ago

The game I've played most on my PS4?


bennissimo1508d ago

Also good. Nice, high learning curve, too.

1508d ago
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