Will Sunset Overdrive Be A System Seller?

"We recently had the opportunity to sit down and play two hours of Sunset Overdrive, Insomniac Games’ Xbox One exclusive. It was pretty damned fun, but is it a system seller?"

NowGamer discusses the potential selling power of Insomniac's new I.P.

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Septic1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

I think it will help sell a few units but I don't see it being a system seller. Yeah its very loud and colourful and looks like it'll be fun to play but I do question the title's longevity. For me, its the kind of game you either complete in one sitting and don't go back to, or dip in and out occasionally.

But if the MP is really something unique and a lot of fun, then I can see this selling loads in the long run.

bouzebbal1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

to me it could be fun for no more than hour.. seems to me a refreshing game and i like the crazy idea behind the game but i would definitely not buy a console for this game only.

PeaSFor1415d ago

i was on the edge of buying the bundle, so yeah, it could obviously boost sales but not that much, i decided to wait for a good xb1 price drop before getting it,(my gaming need will still be fullfiled with my pc and ps4 for a while)

Double Toasted1415d ago

The question should be, "Will it be a systems seller?", because I'm sure at least one person will be buying an X1/just for this game.

Septic1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

"The question should be, "Will it be a systems seller?", because I'm sure at least one person will be buying an X1/just for this game."

[EDIT] I'm genuinely in tears here lmao.

Double Toasted1415d ago

Are you that depressed to were you need to find that extreme of humor were there isn't any? You're in tears right? Any explanation?

Septic1415d ago

@Double Toasted

Mate don't take it to heart. It's just that its so obvious what the term system seller denotes here. I actually facepalmed in real life when I read your comment that is all. Its funny how unnecessarily specific you were that's all.

Look...its Monday so yeah, I need a pick me up! I don't mean anything by it by the way so sorry if I offended you.

Sonital1415d ago

I agree with this. It looks like a really fun game but like DR3, I wouldn't have bought the XB1 for it.

At the same time though speculative consoles lead to speculative comments so who knows how well it will do!

1415d ago
4Sh0w1415d ago

No, it will be a great game, folks are always trying to pin extra labels on games. I mean truly the last time I genuinely knew alot of people brought a system to play A GAME was back in the Madden days, I know Halo3 sold the Xbox 360 to a lot of gamers but again generally its more talk than substance when using the "system seller" label. I think SSO will have good sales though but I can't think of any recent game on any platform that a significant amount of people bought that platform for that 1 game= Overused label that very, very rarely proves to be true.

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XB1_PS41415d ago

I think the white console will be a Sunset Overdrive seller more so than the opposite.

weekev151415d ago

Its the 1 game along with Scalebound id think about picking up an x1 for, so yeah its a system seller.

FanboyKilla1415d ago ShowReplies(1)
lelo2play1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Sunset Overdrive looks fun to play but I don't think it will be a system seller.... besides Insomniac's latest track record hasn't been stellar.

I'm still curious to know if Sunset Overdrive single player story is any good. Gameplay looks solid, but what about the single player story...

Patrick_pk441415d ago

It doesn't have an appealing aspect to the game. It just seems like Dead Rising with aliens, and power ups, but is there actually a good story, underneath the gameplay?

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DeadRabbits1415d ago ShowReplies(1)
LazyGoron1415d ago

SSOD + White X1 + MCC 2 weeks later = convinced me to buy it. So it will sell some units.

Ori and the Blind Forest looks really good to me as well.

Gamerbeyond1415d ago

depends on if it is advertised and marketed to the consumer,

Scissorman821415d ago

I'm going to say no. I've played Sunset Overdrive at both PAX East and E3 and while it is incredibly fun, the title doesn't have what it takes to sell consoles. It's a great addition to the Xbox One's library and it's a treat for current owners of the console. But it isn't enough to significantly boost sales.

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