Destiny DLC Content on Disc? New Strikes and Raids revealed due to Glitch

GC - "Destiny’s future content has been leaked due to a glitch a player encountered and some of that content may already be in the disc. "

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-Foxtrot1535d ago

Typical Activision

I knew Bungie having a partnership with them would spell trouble. It's probably why the game is lacking and there is so many "sealed" rooms/doors you can't access until there is DLC or an event

I knew they said they were going to support this game for 10 Years but I hope to god, they just put a small team together to support the game while they make a new IP under a better publisher.

I really wonder what this game will look like once they've done all the DLC for it, it will probably be the game we were originally hyped up for.

JoeIsMad1535d ago

I'm probably not the majority, but it's already the game I was hyped up for. I've spent at least 80 hours in the game since launch, and at 80 dollars for the collector's edition [digital] I'd say that a dollar an hour was worth it.

I'm certainly not done playing, and if you're not into the story you should try more multiplayer. It's not all about the gear in there.

-Foxtrot1535d ago

Highly disagree the game is not what it was hyped up to be.

It's repetitive as hell and lacks any creativity in the missions or it's structure. It's basically

Get to way point

Fight some enemies

Deploy Ghost

Fight some enemies

Get to second way point

Fight some enemies

Deploy Ghost

Enemy wave...maybe a boss

Finish...once you've finished you go to the tower and decrypt any items and cash in the same old bounties.

The fact they are relying on co-op and the competitive multiplayer so with our friends we make our our own replay value is a little lazy in my opinion.

The campaign is short, the mission structure is weak, it's repetitive, the story is nothing special, the voice acting is lack lustre, the competitive multiplayer is unbalanced as hell and the weapons/skills are nothing ground breaking or exciting make this game a total bore at times.

Hey it's a solid first person shooter game but when the cons outweigh the pros then you can't really justify it.

I bought the collectors edition aswell and I enjoy that more then the game. I don't see why we should give it the benefit of the doubt because it's Bungie. These are the creators of Halo, would you want anything average from someone like NaughtyDog or you wouldn't, so the same applies with Bungie.

pompombrum1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

I've certainly got my money's worth out of it but Foxtrot summed up the missions perfectly. Only reason I've played the game as much as I have is because of the people I play it with, outside of the gunplay mechanics and the fun I have in cruicible, almost everything else in the game is just one giant repetitive grind.

I hope for Bungie's sake that the DLC that's supposedly on the disc is being modified based on feedback or is at least of a far higher quality than what we've seen so far otherwise the game won't be supported properly in a year's time let alone 10 years. Compelling missions is just one of many much needed things Destiny needs if it's to have such a long lifespan.

masterfox1535d ago

Destiny is a good game but not an epic one, just like Bungie was inferring to. Yes I played lots hours too but thats because there aren't too many options outhere, but that will change with the Lord of the Rings Mordor game and Driveclub starting next week, I know for sure I will literally stop playing Destiny.

Larry L1535d ago

I browse the bungie forum for tips and also just to read some people's thoughts on the game. I've noticced that everyone seems to have the same complaint that there's a lack of content to the point that stuff was obviously just ripped out.

I agree, but people are assuming that the areas people are finding like King's Reach or whatever it's called and a couple other areas are going to be released as the planned DLC, i.e. Paid Content. THAT, I don't agree with. I have a pretty strong feeling with how Queen's Wrath event is handled, that we actually have only seen like a little over HALF of what's actually on the disc right now, and the rest is all planned time-release evnts like QW.

I think there's stiull ALOT on the discs that is all included with the vanilla game, Bungie just has to release out like a 100kb unlock code to open it up for us.I mean, just look at the planet maps in orbit. You can plainly see things and areas for things that are right there, ready to go. The most glaring one I'd say is the Mars map. You can't really miss one of Mar's moons right next to it which is clearly a new area that's right on disc. Something like "The Mines of Phobos/Deimos I'd imagine.

I think the DLC is gonna come out a little further down the road like Christmas/New Years timeframe, and will be mostly all new stuff, new planets and new locations on existing planets. In the meantime, I'm pretty sure players have plenty of content right on disc to enjoy, we just havn't seen it all yet, not even close. Probably 2 months worth of QW length/style events.

Dirtnapstor1535d ago


Same structure as Halo really LOL:
fight some enemies
run up to a terminal
pull/push a button
fight some enemies
run up to a terminal
pull/push a button

Somehow those switches sitting in the middle of nowhere regulate the fate of the galaxy.

PX541535d ago

While I agree with Foxtrot completely (in fact I'm bored of it already and am struggling to be bothered putting the time in to complete the story), I would ask how that differs from practically every FPS game?
All FPS games are just get from A to B, shoot some enemies on the way, maybe disable/enable or pick up/drop off something too. FPS games in general don't have much variation other than where they're set and the weapons that are used - especially given how weak the stories tend to be.

Tapewurm1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

@JoeIsMad #1.1 I am right there with you man... this game has met mine and my friends expectations... strikes, pvp, and patrolling for grinding gear are where it is after the main story... been having a blast myself.... as for any future content on the disc... I hope there is a file out there somewhere that is evidence of what they have planned.... I am sure with a game of this scope that they have stuff planned out years in advance...these files are probably just "place-holder" files awaiting the finished product. Bring on the DLC! (when it is finished!)

Unspoken1535d ago

Did Foxtrot nail nearly every FPS game wait...I'm pretty sure a few other genres follow this pattern as well.

For being upset about Destiny being over hyped, it sounds like many folks are still falling victim to media and forum influence delivered by news and review outlets.

In other words, they believe and repeat everything they read online from hype to about being repetitive.

levian1535d ago

It most definitely isn't the game I was hyped for. BUT I still enjoy it, although that's because I'm the type of person that enjoys MMO's and I don't mind a bit of grinding (Of course, only because I have some free time to do it. If I didn't, I wouldn't enjoy it no doubt).

On the disc DLC though? What the hell guys! I thought the gaming industry had learned that lesson through Capcom's mistakes. I'm torn. I enjoy the game and want more of it, but I don't want to support bad practices...

-Foxtrot1535d ago

For those saying

"Hey Foxtrot you've just summed up Halo"

Really? I mean come on. Halo was done in a story based way where each mission had different objectives, not the same ones over and over.

You saw a lot of times where the Master Chief inserted Cortana into a machine to get infomation for the next part of the mission but the thing is there was so many other objectives told in a nice little story that you didn't mind. The fact Destiny does the same structure ALL THE TIME is off putting.

In Halo we had to escape a ship, find surviving marines, board a ship to save someone, search a room to find where we have to go next, defend a control room, destroy Halo and so on.

Yes in between we went head to head with wave after wave of enemies but at least each objective felt different to process the story, Destiny didn't do that, each mission was the same and ended the same.

You also have to remember at the time what Halo did had not been as done as much, it was pretty new to us still so it felt fresh. Destiny should of done things which broke away from the same FPS strcutures we see over and over again but Bungie didn't do that.

All First Person Shooters these days are point A to point B while fighting enemies but it's the way it's layed out to us that matters...and in Destinys case they put no thought into it. I mean did Ghost HAVE to be deployed all the time, couldn't I just press a button myself or find another character who would do something instead of Ghost?

theDivision1534d ago

Agree with foxtrot the game was a fraction of what I was expecting. No big deal though I wanted the division to come out this year not destiny anyway so it isn't a huge deal

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CerealKiller1535d ago

I'm pretty sure Bungie has a 10 year contract with Activision.

UltraNova1535d ago

I'm pretty sure the Bungie we know will be a totally different one by the time that contract ends.

AngelicIceDiamond1535d ago

This is nothing new we already new half the game is locked on disc just by playing the game and everything being half assed.

Baccra171535d ago

I figured they pulled a Crapcom, at least now we can blame Activision rather than say Bungie got lucky/ success was a fluke.

UltraNova1535d ago

Hmmm you might wanna wait until we get ours hands on the expansions then do all the blaming you want, cause something tells me things will be the same with just the level cap raised (see foxtrot's breakdown above).

Baccra171535d ago

@ultranova No I don't want to wait. To wait would be to give them the benefit of the doubt and to willingly avoid the elephant in the room. You want to bury your head in the sand, feel free to.

UltraNova1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Maybe I need to lay this down step by step for you.
- Yes, we all know how Activision does business.
- Yes, we knew they would milk Destiny to the bone, why act surprised?.
- Yes we should be vocal when they take advantage of us (releasing a half finished game with the other half locked on disc until they release it as paid dlc)
- Yes we should wait until we have solid grounds to start throwing accusations left and right (at least thats how I do things)

"You want to bury your head in the sand, feel free to"

That was funny. I never do, but, its Bungie not your typical studio they deserve some leeway (even for just once). They might release some free content down the line to make up for the lack in their initial release, who knows. If they were owned by Acti then yes go at it all you want nobody would blame you.

BlackWolf121535d ago


Don't go believing everything you read in a lame article.

There are many secret areas in Destiny that we have not been given access to, and just because they EXIST does not mean they will be part of future paid DLC.

There is a big area in the tower which was only opened up last week for the Queen's Wrath world event.

This is nothing new from games, so don't go freaking out and saying "Typical activision". Calm down mate.

ScaryMonkey1535d ago

So Activision is the new hated company now, I thought it was EA, man you fanboys are fickle.

Unspoken1535d ago

Welcome to the internet. Just start a blog about how much you hate and you'll gather a following who think they agree.

starrman19851535d ago

Their DLC plan for Destiny is what's ultimately going to end it for me. We currently have what, 7 strikes and 1 raid? I assumed the other 3 raids/extra strikes were going to be added free over time but I'm not so sure with this leak now.

I personally don't care for story mission dlc, throw a price tag on that by all means. But the end game content, which is pretty much 100% required for you to continue your Destiny character shouldn't be a paid for requirement! Look at Diablo/WoW, fair enough - both (well WoW has had a lot but it's been out years) have had an expansion, but a very substantial one. Most of the content for both of them has been added completely free.

Meh, it really gets my blood boiling thinking about it, because I love the game but I literally cannot afford to pay £35 every two expansions (which will prob only have 2 strikes/1 raid per pack) I'd love them go scrap the idea after the first two, but it wont happen.....

CorndogBurglar1535d ago

Who is to say that all of this is Expansion content?

Bungie releases new content for this every week. Some of it could be that type of stuff.

Some of it probably is in the expansion, like that House of Wolves content, as that is the name of one of the expansions.

TRD4L1fe1535d ago

Isnt that the structure of pretty much every game. every game is in a way repetative. I for one love Destiny and is glad to have bought it. lvl 29 and I still cant get enough of this game, obviously it doesnt please everyone but it sure makes me smile. I was hyped for this game and it delivered. The raw excitement me and my squad get from finding new gear and weapons make its all worth the $100 I spent on it.

Looking forward to these DLC's. Awesome game Bungie

GordonKnight1535d ago

Games are just too expensive to make these days. I knew there would a day where games will cost $100. Destiny was almost the first at $95.

braydox211535d ago

that day came a long time ago most games in Australia are about $100.00 or $99.00 straight on the shelf for AAA game and usually about $89.00 for AA games and I'm pretty sure its a lot worse in other countries I think brazil has it pretty bad.

AaronMK1534d ago

If in their mind, the asking price for the game is really $100, then I'd rather they just sell the game for that price and be done with it. I will not spend $60 dollars for half a game and a vending machine, and I am not going to get sucked into spending on DLC when they won't or can't tell me what I will ultimately be spending to make purchase really feel complete.

For the DLC proposition, it means I will have have paid a very high price on a game for which only one half of it can be resold, and the other half becomes unusable if I decide to sell the first half.

Besides, games do much bigger business than they did when they were cheaper to make, so what they lose in production costs, they more than make up for in volume.

raistra1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

I highly disagree, if one thing happens: if this content will be unlocked through patches.

It is a commen thing for an mmo to have a lot of content ready before launch day and later patch it in. This game is still an mmo and it will be given expansions (eventhough I highly dislike the term when it comes to activision, I'm just hoping it won't be another name for DLC AKA Disc Locked Content huehuehue...) and content patches. We know too little, if they release this content for free, then I'll not care. It's an MMO. if they'll give it out as DLC and make you pay 10 dollars for it, then I wholefully agree with you. It just depends for me what we'll see in the future.

N4g_null1534d ago

So I should buy this game 5 to 8 years later? Then everything will be open and dlc will be sold with the disk?

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Stevefantisy1535d ago

I would love to see more of this game but I'd say I got my moneys worth so far.

04soldier1535d ago

Same here,

I dont think I was the only one looking forward to all the DLC that I saw in that video.

Oh well back to Destiny!

Muzikguy1535d ago

I knew the content was already on the disc. I heard from the develop themselves. /s

Seriously though, I had a real big hunch that future content was already there. This is why I didn't buy the game and refuse to. That's one tactic I disagree with

RebelWAC1535d ago

Yup, I agree. To have to pay extra in order to fill out a empty shell totally rubs me the wrong way.

It's obvious why the traveler spokes mam said "I won't tell you about the great War that happened centuries ago" and why the exo tells you that she doesn't have time to explain why she don't have time to explain.

Last time I recieved DLC on top of a already great story with massive amount of content was Fallout 3 and that blew my mind. Today, it only takes a tole in pocket and frustrates me to the point that I regret the purchase in the first place.

BX811535d ago

If they confirm the dlc is already on disc then I'm trading it in. It's a fun game but it's not super in depth like I hoped. If there is more content locked away on this disc that I paid for I'm going to be pissed. I'm tiered of shady $hit like that. I hope this isn't true.

Scatpants1535d ago

Why, did you think they hadn't finished working on the "DLC" before the game was released? What difference does it make if it's on the disc or you have to download it? They were going to charge you for that content no matter which way you received it. At least this way you don't have to wait for it to download.

Darkwatchman1535d ago

Are you excusing this BS practice? I hope people like you never work in the gaming industry and continue to make this an even bigger issue.

KrisButtar1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )


I feel when I buy a disc I have the right to access everything on it because your buying the content on the disc. All content is readily available in other forms of media and don't have features/modes denied to you when you purchase a disc why should games be any different.

If the DLC is finished in time to make it on a disc then it should be part of the game, if not release it separately then.

Edit: replying to Scatpants

Scatpants1535d ago

When they design a game nowadays part of the design process is deciding what will be available as DLC and what comes with the game. Every game does this. Do I think it sucks, yes I do, but this is the way it is. The fact that it is on the disc rather than downloadable is irrelevant.

ion6661535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

This dlc practice sux. It's like buying a house but all the bedrooms are closed. You gotta pay Extra for that. Sleep on the couch.

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TekKing1535d ago

At least you have the DLC on the disc. What about those people that bought the digital version? They don't even have a disc.

You should protest by playing the content that you bought offline.

hkgamer1535d ago

i dont understand why some content cant be on the disk already? i know it sounds like they ripped content out of game to be on dlc, but cant it be the other way round? they just added some finished stuff from dlc on disk already?

didnt shenmue 2 have a whole village to explore but that was cut out just to be put in sequel? a sequel that never happene but still.

BX811535d ago

I think you have to look at the depth of this game. To me it's not enough to hide away dlc on a disc.

pompombrum1535d ago

Some games, you could rationally give them the benefit of the doubt (the internet still wouldn't) however Destiny has always felt a little lacking in content. Seeing how long the game has been in development for, It would feel like to me at least, they've deliberately held back content to sell back to us.

hkgamer1535d ago

@bx1 & @aibreeze

fair enough, thats a good answer.

i guess it does differ from game to game.

i guess the real question would be if the dlc content was on disk or not on disk even matter due to it seemingly sound like they ripped content out already. or is it just a bigger slap in the face which pisses people off?

AaronMK1534d ago

I'd rather sequels than paid DLC:

- It forces the developer to make a game that stands on its own as a complete experience, day one.

- If the company is planning on sequels, the original product must also be good enough to make people want that sequel. Same goes for each sequel.

- DLC then becomes something to keep a product fresh after its initial release and to entice additional purchases of the game, not something to milk people who have already made a purchase.

hkgamer1534d ago

in that perpective, i agree. but doesnt that just segment the multiplayer experience even more. destiny having sequels doesnt make much sense. but lets not talk about destiny.

cod game. releases year after year. i understand different teams = different games. but advanced warfare is coming out soon, what will happen to the userbase of ghost?

capcom and sf series aswell, super didnt have to be another release, could have been an extra dlc mode. it just screwed people who had sf4.

some games just doesnt have sequels planned.

running out of bubbles to debate on this topic. fking hate getting bubbles taken away.

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