Microsoft Responds to Slow Movie Download Issue

Microsoft: "Due to the overwhelming popularity of the new full-length content following the launch on Xbox Live Marketplace we are aware some gamers are experiencing temporary difficulties accessing content, due to the volume of demand. Download times will vary depending on broadband speed and size of content, and we expect the current issues some gamers are experience will be resolved soon."

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power of Green 4407d ago

I surprized XBL hasn't crashed. Everybodies on the dashboard acording to my girl.

highps34407d ago

And you girl is who? The neighborhood ... ?

power of Green 4407d ago

I have tons of what MS calls friends on live and she said every single one of them was on their dashboard this morning fool! plus she said it was slow as hell and got slower as time went by. Do not ever respond to my post, EVER!.

Silvia0074407d ago

high, that's funny, but what is really funny is how microsoft did not see this coming.

BIadestarX4407d ago

Who knew people would want downloadable hd movies instead of blu-ray...

DJ4407d ago

HD-DVD add-on pretty worthless if people only want to download HD video, huh?

power of Green 4407d ago

Not if people wan't a collection of HD-DVD movies and do not rent but buy movies, it's a wonderful choice for people that don't collect movies.

lol Now stop it! and enjoy your PS3 and stop hating on the most next-gen Home Entertainment divice i have ever seen.

dantesparda4407d ago (Edited 4407d ago )

Yo, dude! all you do is fight with people when they aint putting up your beloved 360. Give it a rest and go back and play your beloved 360, you fanboy

power of Green 4407d ago (Edited 4407d ago )

I know i have a issue.Thanks for pointing it out I don't know when to keep my mouth shut when poeple are fullofshit. I'm working on it. #7.2 If i thought it was a bad idea i wouldn't support it neither but as a weekend social movie watcher i would have the movie ready for the showing so i guess it's all on the type of consumer useing the service= choice, Do not ever respond to my post fanboy/hater, NOT! EVER unless you have somthing logical to sh*t/say.

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calderra4407d ago

Millions of users, gigabytes of downloads per person, and the service is only slow?


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The story is too old to be commented.