MGS4 Easter Eggs-travaganza

A condensed collection of alleged Metal Gear Solid 4 Easter eggs reported by readers of a Gamespot thread. Although the author can't confirm or deny the veracity of the hidden goodies, and some of them sound like they could be total fabrications, there are still a number of kick-ass little in-jokes, items, and surprises that many people could have missed when playing through MGS4.

Although there are some mild spoilers, nothing that revealing is mentioned in the article.

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Fishy Fingers3831d ago

I've actually tried the majority of these (found them in a forum) and they do indeed work.

I bet there are so many more just waiting to be found.

donalbane3831d ago

the one where the guys says you can play the original Metal Gear in a sewer. Something tells me that we'd be hearing a lot more about that if it were true. It may just be a poster's cruel trick... trying to get people to search for hours without any hopes of success.

You never know though. I want to believe it, ya' know?

Fishy Fingers3831d ago

Yes, that one I'm not so sure about, it does sound a little far fetched, but in reality, MGS one would be pretty small, it would fit on that BR.

I may do a little research later. I'll let you know if I have any luck.


When you play the small segment from MGS I found it so hard now! Old games are nails now!

Veryangryxbot3831d ago

I know every location of every weapon, ammo, easter egg, ghost, storyline, background info, official walkthrough, every emblem, every secret, big boss hard walkthrough, boss extreme walkthrough, flashbacks, L1 views and more.

I can confirm that 95% of the stuff listed on that site, are true.
The shiat with the remote and the basement with MG playable on NES are probably fake. I dont recall reading that in the official guide.

If anyone wants to know the storyline or something, can PM me and I will reply when I have time.

Britjadg3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

thought you had to get big boss rating on extreme level?

its neigh impossible: you can only use stun on ur knife and get 100 tranq shots which drebin cant replenish at this level. no rations, no alerts, you need to know the maps inside out and skip all cutscenes. the boss's alone become absolute [email protected] to kill and even when on pause the time counter ticks down making a 5 hour complete time almost mythical.

maybe when i get to my fifth/sixth runthrough i'll give fox emblem a go as its slightly easier.

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bigcheda3831d ago

"If you call Rose on the codec and shake your Sixaxis, her boobs will jiggle"

O RLY? Best use of Sixaxis evar if true!

monkey6023831d ago

Yeah it's true and friend and me where in hysterics laughing at that one yesterday

NovusTerminus3831d ago

"If the fight against Laughing Octopus, once she is out of her armour, if you lie face up on the bed in the complex, she will climb on the bed and saddle you."

That one is quite true.

Fishy Fingers3831d ago

Yep, the majority of them are.

Mr_Bun3831d ago

does she attack you after this or what?

Alexander Roy3831d ago

This alone makes it the best game of all time.
Now I know why it has an 18+ stamp here.

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kingOVsticks3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

best gamer ever im trying all this stuff during my next playthrough

monkey6023831d ago

metal gear always had stuff like that. In MGS2 you could change a projector to show Asian models infront of a crowd of marines.

You could also grab posters of women and depending on where you grab them you would get a funny noise or go into alert mode

Pornlord3831d ago

I've confirmed the saddle, and I got scared when she got on me (instinct) and shot her off of me, I'm not sure what she does other than that, I'll try next time. Maybe I'll get out the camera :) see if she'll pose. BEST PIC OF MGS4 EVER! I can't find anything about this sewer thing yet, I'm working on it though. I've got a save before the boss fight of each Act, so it shouldn't take too long to root out some truth.

donalbane3831d ago

I really appreciate your checking up on that one... if it's true, DEFINATELY come back and post about it. I'm sure we'd all like to see that one!

Of course, as I said, I highly doubt that one.

Fishy Fingers3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )


Yeah, we need some confirmation on that for sure.

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