8.0 NASCAR 09 Review writes: "NASCAR 08 was completely terrible. Lets just get that out of the way first. It was an awful start for the series on next-gen systems. Which is why it comes as a bit of a surprise that NASCAR 09 is a 1000% improvement on 08. To get from that hunk of junk to this streamlined beauty in less than a year is pretty darn impressive. It looks great, drives very well, and packs plenty of features and modes to keep you busy for a while. NASCAR 09 is well worth checking out.

All in all, NASCAR 09 is a complete turn around for the series. It really looked bad for NASCAR videogames after the mess that was NASCAR 08, but EA Tiburon righted the ship in less than a year and produced a great game that race fans can be proud of. It looks nice, packs plenty of modes, and offers two distinct gameplay styles to ensure everyone has a good time. Whether you want a realistic simulation of real NASCAR racing, of if you want to beat and bang through the field, NASCAR 09 is just plain fun. Or, if you're like me and want to wreck Tony Stewart and Dale Jr. every time you see them, this game accommodates that style as well. Check out the demo on the Xbox Live Marketplace, but for NASCAR fans and race fans in general, NASCAR 09 is a worthy purchase."

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