"As far as AJ Styles goes, he still hates my shotgun." It's not what IGN were expecting wrestler Samoa Joe to say when they sat down with him at a recent TNA Impact event in London and, bearing in mind his biceps were bigger than their waist, it wasn't something they were particular keen to push further.

Thankfully, Samoa Joe hasn't embarked on some serious pro-wrestling rule breaking - he's talking about TNA in-house COD4 tournaments. These guys are hardcore and, boy, do they know their games. Gathered for this UK showing of TNA iMPACT!, Total Non-stop Action stars Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and Petey Williams took the opportunity to flex their gaming knowledge alongside their improbably large muscles. Discussing Japanese illegal import gaming and Rock Band, IGN were suitably impressed to learn that Midway hadn't simply rolled out another bunch of famous but clueless faces.

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