PALGN: SBK-08: Superbike World Championship Review - Vrooooooooooom

PALGN writes: "For many years now, the most well-known racing games based around vehicles of the two-wheeled variety has undoubtedly been the Moto GP franchise. Releasing a new title almost every year for the past several years, spanning across multiple platforms, the game has basically had this sub-genre of racing firmly in the palm of its hand. There have been others, though, trying to make a name for themselves; we saw Tourist Trophy on the PlayStation 2, which was critically acclaimed and hailed for being the motorbike equivalent of Gran Turismo, and there is also the SBK games, featuring previously on last-gen consoles, and now appearing for the very first time on the current generation of gaming goodness in the form of SBK-08: Superbike World Championship. With a learning curve sharper than any corners taken in the game itself, SBK-08 is certainly a challenge, and proves to be a worthy addition to the market of two-wheeled racing - if you're into that sort of thing."

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