Virtual Console : What's hot, what's horrible, what's worth your Wii Points.

Nintendo's Virtual Console is a key component of the Wii, granting the system not just a little backwards compatibility but a whole lot of it. Eventually, it could be in the same league as Turner's GameTap, albeit with a different focus: No PC games, no arcade titles, just selections from every Nintendo home console... and every vanished major competitor, like the Turbografx 16 and Sega Genesis.

The service is built into every Wii, and anyone with an Internet connection can make use of it. Each game costs a certain amount of "Wii Points," which are virtual credits that can be purchased through the Wii's interface. After that, it's a simple matter of selecting your titles and waiting for them to download.

Virtual Console still has a few kinks to work out, but on the whole it's a solidly-realized service that's starting strong and should only improve. Certainly it's more robust in most respects than Xbox Live Arcade or Sony's PS3 service were at their respective launches...

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willymcd4406d ago

they need to make mario cart on there and make it online, that would be so great! i haven't played it for years and years now, but if it is half as fun as i remember it, it is pretty darn fun.

ScorpioKyle4406d ago

i doubt they will add online features for it, but it will be on there eventually.

PS360WII4406d ago

I really need to get a lot of Wii points!!

Asylumchild4405d ago (Edited 4405d ago )

IDK if that was such a good download Its really fun but not when you get all the way too the 10th room and lose your last life and have to restart from room one Why dident they make it so you could start at the room you left off at!!! GRRRR I read this articale and it said it was good I HATE YOU NEWS BOT!