RPGFan: Star Ocean: Second Evolution Review

RPGFan writes:

"Remakes and reissues. That's all I seem to play these days, and as a result, I have come to better understand the subtle differences between the two game types. One tries to improve a great game, while the other lets the game's original greatness speak for itself. Star Ocean: First Departure was a fantastic remake because it made the game bigger while letting the original greatness shine through. There is little debate that the game looks, sounds, and plays better than the original.

Second Evolution takes a different approach from its sister game. Rather than try to build on the already phenomenal Star Ocean: The Second Story for PS1, the developers decided to pretty the game up, synchronize the gameplay with First Departure, and for the most part leave the game untouched allowing its original greatness to speak for itself. How did that exactly work out for them? Well, let's see."

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