LucasArts: We're Still Attending E3 writes: "Contrary to reports on Thursday, LucasArts tells Next-Gen that the company still plans on attending the E3 Media and Business Summit.

"We are definitely attending E3. We're not sure how that could've been misunderstood," a LucasArts rep told Next-Gen in a phone interview regarding the reports.

The company has said previously that it will not be renewing its membership with the Entertainment Software Association, the organizing body behind E3, but it still plans on participating in the show this year."

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shadowghost7523830d ago

Announce Star Wars Battlefront 3 please

TheXgamerLive3830d ago

The new Star Wars game will give me a good Jedi fix but not the same as a new K.O.T.O.R 3 game would.

There's nothing like building my own lightsaber with my own chosen crystals and such.