NHL 15 Sees Early Price Cut in Canada

CanadianGamer writes : Not even 3 weeks after the release of NHL 15, we are now beginning to see dramatical price cut for the title as currently has the title listed for 49.99$ for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions which is 20$ less than the aimed price tag for newly released games here in Canada.

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mochachino1539d ago

Even that's too much for the PS4/xone versions. It's half a game, should be 29.99 or 34.99 in Canada.

Canadiangamernet1539d ago

totally agree with you, in my opinion it is unfinished!

knifefight1539d ago

Hopefully EA gets the message.

Finish your checks, er, games.

Codey471539d ago

I actually didn't mind the demo....I'd buy the game if it were cheap enough.