Pocket Gamer: Arkanoid DS Review

Pocket Gamer writes: "It's a sad fact that we live in a society that seems to be obsessed with youth and ignorant of anything old or outdated. Switch on a TV set and you're likely to be bombarded with images of fresh-faced metrosexuals advertising the latest MP3 player or swanky mobile phone, while the more mature members of the population are cruelly sidelined into appearing in commercials for Werther's Originals.

Thankfully Japanese video game veteran Taito has a little more respect for things from the past. The company has already given some of its older titles the opportunity to mix it up with the younger generation and is now foraging even more enthusiastically through its considerable back-catalogue to give us some enhanced games from yesteryear.

Released alongside Space Invaders Extreme, Arkanoid DS is an updated version of the classic 1986 'ball and bat' arcade game, which in turn is heavily indebted to Atari's seminal Breakout. These titles rank as some of the most pure examples of video gaming, chiefly because they're essentially based on the play mechanic seen in Atari's groundbreaking table tennis simulator Pong."

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