Gamedaily: NHL 09 Preview - EA's hockey series returns for another year of dominance

Gamedaily writes: "Every year, Electronic Arts and 2K Sports go toe-to-toe in the hockey arena, attempting to bring players the most refined video game hockey experience available. Last year's competitors, NHL 08 and NHL 2K8 came to a dead heat. The fact that EA could catch up after years of falling behind is remarkable, if NHL 09 is any indication -- it's not done yet. Its latest on-ice powerhouse looks to deliver all the power of a defenseman checking someone into a wall.

The biggest addition for this year is the Be a Pro mode, similar to the one introduced in its latest FIFA game. You begin by making a player from scratch, providing a number of skills and wisely choosing a position that you think will suit them best. From there, during each game, the third-person camera stays focused on you. No matter what happens on the ice – a fast break, a two-on-one shot for the goal, whatever – it always stays on you."

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DwightOwen3829d ago

Will EA allow players to play defense in this year's installment?

pegger243829d ago

I have always thought this is the one game that EA has gotten right this gen. NHL series is absoultely better than the 2k series in this respect. I guess this is what happens when EA does not have exclusivity and has to compete. 07 was great 08 was better and 09 should only continue. I am hoping that they do something about speed with the puck though. players on defense too easily catch up on to faster players