Gamervision reviews Don King Presents Prizefighter

Veggie Jackson reports:

''It's nearly impossible at this point to play a boxing game without comparing it to Fight Night Round 3. EA's simulation of the sweet science set a new standard for boxing games, and any game that comes afterward will certainly be judged against it. 2K Games knew this and made every effort to improve on the weak points of Fight Night. On many fronts, they succeeded, creating a far more immersive, customizable and engaging package than EA did. Sadly, they never bothered to make the actual boxing gameplay worthwhile.''

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Silogon3803d ago

What's most funny is when they complained about stiff, robotic movements and slow pace. That's Fight night to the T! When I play boxing games it's pointless. I feel I'd have a better time playing Rock'em sock'em robots because that's how they play.