The Wonder Years: Multiplayer Games

The old days of gaming had some fantastic multiplayer games. From Mario Kart to Street Fighter II Turbo, 411's Owain J. Brimfield remembers the great multiplayer games in the latest edition of The Wonder Years!

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Silogon3832d ago

The biggest difference between the Snes/Gen and PS3/xbox 360 is this.

Snes/gen days forced you to actually have friends. PS3/xbox 360 force you and encourage you to be an albino gnome with level 9 spell casting powers and a fear of human interaction.

Snes/gen days for 1000, Bob!

ry-guy3832d ago

Are you kidding me?

If anything I play more with my friend on Live that would right now since they are all spread out since we've finished with undergraduate school.

Go back into your hole and keep reading that "spellbook".

ry-guy3832d ago

Streets of Rage 2 FTW!