Thunderbolt reviews Space Invaders Extreme

Justin Boot reports:

''We should have seen this coming. It was inevitable, really. Despite all the bloody battles and hard-earned victories, the human race was never really safe. Not from these things, anyway. No matter how many of them you kill, there will always be more of them. Wave after pixilated wave of spaceships are now wandering the skies, descending ever so slowly like a waterfall in slow motion. There is no water here, though; these bastards are dishing out laser beams, bullets, missiles, and whatever else they can find in an attempt to wipe us out. Is that their only goal? Don't they even care that thousands of their troops are getting ripped apart by our defenses? Perhaps they believe that old saying about having strength with numbers; there is only one ship left to save the human race, after all. That doesn't take into account quality over quantity, but hey, whatever works. After decades of endless bloodshed, the Space Invaders are back… ''

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