More non-games services for PS3

Extra applications on the way but games are still the main focus, says Sony. Third party developers and publishers will be launching new non-game applications for the PSP and PS3 in the near future.

That's according to SCEE president David Reeves, who was addressing the attendees at DevStation last week. He reminded the audience that third parties are welcome to add their own services to the PSP or PS3 platforms following on from the upcoming video download service, which was built in partnership with BSkyB.

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Pornlord3801d ago

It's innovation, which Sony is known for. They get to focus on Games, and third parties focus on making it a more complete experience for gamers. Good Strategy.

butterfinger3801d ago

and I'm sure they will include it, if the video download service will allow you to take movies with you on your PSP. I can't wait for E3:)

chasuk083801d ago

Chances are it will only be for north america, which would suck.

JsonHenry3801d ago

Well, my 360 that I bought on launch day is giving me the 3 red flashing lights. I do the extra steps and get an 0203 error code. Nothing online tells me what that means and I tore off the sticky already to apply artic silver thermal paste two years ago to avoid the overheating everyone else was having.

Now that I learned that the PS3 is getting a friends network like the 360s (able to join a game with a friend) and in game XMB then I am not going to buy another one. It is just me and the PS3. And my free online service.

Never thought I would say that. But the consoles are already outdated compared to my new PC, so I don't see the reason to spend more money on a replacement when my PS3 does the same stuff (or will soon) and I don't have to spend $65 a year to play online.

Bring on the updates!

Drekken3801d ago

chasuk08, I agree it should be WW... but look at PlayTV. I want it!

Ju3801d ago

JH, do I need to mark this day in the calendar to hear you say that? What a surprise :)

juuken3801d ago

JsonHenry, welcome to the PS3 family. That's all I have to say.

MaximusPrime3801d ago

@chasuk08: it said "partnership with bSkyb"

They are talking about Sky broadcaster in the UK

JsonHenry3801d ago

Actually I have owned all three systems for a while now. But lets face it, other than a few great games (Uncharted and Resistance) all the multiplat games I prefered to play on my 360 because all my friends have a 360 and play on live.

But now MGS4 came out, I know about 5 people with a PS3 and they are waiting for in game friend invites to jump ship to the PS3.

But yes, mark the day down in your calender. Because I am getting those PS1 feelings all over again with the PS3.

aaquib53801d ago

He just stole Jason Henry's pic and removed the "a" in Jason to register it. Json Henry hates 360 and always has. Jason Henry hates PS3 and always will.

CrashSharc3801d ago

aaquib, you are probably right. But this guy did a damn good impersonation. Too bad, he was on the way to making many fanboys shed happy tears.


I mean uh... good job aaquib!!!

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Silogon3801d ago

3rd party are too lazy. We've seen their work. 7 gb of data on a 50 gb blu-ray and then they make us install 5 gb of it onto our hdds? Please, David, asking these 3rd party to do anything more than port is asking too much.

no, if Sony wants to do something they're going to have to take the initiative and do it. All there is to it.

heyheyhey3801d ago

well if the services are any good there's nothing wrong with them being not game related

but i wouldn't want the PSN to get cluttered with all sorts of crap

i want downloadable PS2 games and more PS1 games more though

i mean come on, where all the good one's? where's FF7 and 9? where's Gran Turismo?

kingOVsticks3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

I read somewhere that ps1 games gran turismo 2 and mgs1 is coming to psn compatible to the psp. OR if your still trying to play ff7 9 etc on the psp (not to sound like a criminal) but you can try CFW you can have CFW and not doing anything illegal with it, like you can rip games from your FF7 or FF9 disc and just manual put on your PSP memory card.

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