Leaked image reveals new Soul Calibur IV Character - Algol

Remember that mysterious white haired, heavily scarred individual from the Soul Calibur IV UbiDays Transcendence Trailer? Well, according to a recently leaked image, this imposing combatant is apparently known as Algol.

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Silogon3829d ago

Soul Caliber is so boring and so uninteresting it baffles my mind. when I see a battle axe hit a guy I'm expecting a lot of things to happen. None are good. the one thing I am never expecting is for the receiver of this blow to do little more than lose a % of their health, remain in tact, gush no blood, and return with an attack of their own that'll then be met with the same result.

Max Power3828d ago

you are too literal, its a video game, and they all don't have to be realistic.

Laexerias3828d ago

Learn spelling the games name: Soul Caliber, wow, e... why Soul Caliber? Are you too dumb to spell Calibur? Ca Li Bur not Ca Li Ber...
Dumbass... and besides... how the one above me said: its a video game, i never saw in tekken that the last boss which shoots lasers the most time cuts Jin in 2. lmao.

Rock Bottom3828d ago

I doubt any of all those "leaked" stuff now days really is leaked, it has became a way of advertising, just to make thing sound interesting.

kadosho3828d ago

Actually I thought this new character reminded me of the villain in Ghostbusters 2. Kidding.. but you never know with Project Soul this time around.

kingOVsticks3828d ago

reminds me of a young Cervantes I thought they stop adding characters a while ago but he looks pretty bad ass he maybe like a sub boss like Siegfried was in the last game. Oh and its a guy other then Hilde its actually a new character namco designed themselves! well that's a treat :)

ParaDise_LosT3828d ago

Does he look like a MK character.....

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