Power up, grab controller, watch ads

Globe & Mail reports on the growing presence of advertisements and promotional materials on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii. PlayStation 3's new Qore digital magazine is criticized, with the author noting that "it's a little like watching ads between ads--and paying for the whole experience," while the Wii's Nintendo Channel is praised for its "unobtrusiveness." The Xbox 360's unavoidable dashboard ads are mentioned in negative context.

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Silogon3831d ago

So basically he's upset about a pay for service he doesn't have to get if he doesn't want to? Strange. I bet if it was littered with Nintendo wii ads he'd have to change his panties from premature ejaculation. Stupid jerk spurt.

Pornlord3831d ago

You start out so nice siligon, I agree yet again with you, but "Stupid Jerk Spurt"??? I mean I laughed, but it's so harsh there is no way I can bubble you up enough to keep you above one :)

TheHater3831d ago

WTF? has anyone every heard of this site before?

Montrealien3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

It is one of Canada's national news papers and is a trusted NEWS source for over 150 years, you fail bud...

Drekken3831d ago

They raise a good point. I bought the first Qore and I am boggled why I would be forced to sit through commercials in a product I paid for... MIND BOGGLING. They should give me an option as a paying customer to FAST FORWARD.

TheHater3831d ago

I don't live in Canada now do I? So don't take it personally if I never heard of their news paper

Montrealien3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Sorry, I should of said...

"Mister Hater, Globe and mail is a trusted national news source founded by one of canada's founding fathers"....

Your ignorance to speak with a "WTF" attitude assuming nobody knows this site without even bothering to look it up is what insulted me as a human...We live in the information age, talking out of you arse when the info is a breath and a click away is simply sad. as a lvl 10 contributor here I would assume you could of refrained yourself and looked it up no?

And the article does raise a good point, you should of read it, instead of looking at the link and deciding to simply put up a stupid question, without even approving it...

TheHater3831d ago

I read the article, and I felt like it was pointless. He said it was optional to Download the Nintendo Channel, but he didn't mention that you don't have to buy Qore. This article is pointless.

"Meanwhile, Sony is taking a different approach to self-promotion. New this month at the PlayStation 3's Sony Store is a 1.5 GB download called Qore: June 2008. It's a digital publication composed of features that focus on half a dozen first- and third-party games, providing game footage, developer interviews, production art, downloadable themes, and the occasional humorous tidbit, such as a short video of an actress auditioning to become Darth Vader's apprentice in The Force Unleashed.

Thing is, you have to pay for Qore: $2.99 for a single episode, $24.99 for an annual subscription. "

Sony isn't tell you to buy Qore. You buy it if you want too. It a fricken magazine for god sake. I seem more adds for shoes and other pointless ads in my Gameinformer magazine.
He also fail to mention that there is free videos on the Playstation Store, along with Themes, wallpaper, and other thinks you will find in Qore. Yeah this article is pointless.

"it's just unfortunate (and a little weird) that Sony is asking fans to shell out to view their promotions. "

Again, it fricken optional if you want to purchase Qore or not.

TheExecutive3831d ago

Serously, I wont buy Qore because the benefits dont seem to justify the price or the ads i am forced to sit through.

However, 1/3 of your time watching TV is ads so, we should be used to it?

Tarasque3831d ago

Well the problem lie's in, A magazine i can flip to the next page and skip the ad. With qore i have to sit through a burger king ad that i have to watch and don't have an option to skip. And as you say you don't have to purchase and i will not purchase another one until they get rid of the ad's that i have to sit through. Just add a skip option and everything will be fine.

Smacktard3831d ago

That's stupid logic, TheHater. You can't just say, "Well, if you don't like something, don't buy it!"

Sony charging fans for their advertising is kinda funny. I don't think they should expect to make much money off of this at all...

Panthers3831d ago

You buy magazines and those are over half ads. It didnt bother me a bit. The stuff they had on Socom and Star Wars was great.

Xakep3831d ago

The logic is correct in saying "If you don't like it, don't buy it". Why would you purchase something otherwise?

heyheyhey3831d ago

what are.... website's?

Smacktard3830d ago

Xakep, I'm sorry, I should've clarified.

Saying "You can't say something is stupid because you don't have to buy it!" is stupid.

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Feemee3831d ago

Dude, if something is for sale, the fact that you don't have to buy it is implied. No one can force you to purchase anything.

Kyur4ThePain3831d ago

I might just not remember, but the only non-gaming ad I remember was a 7 second BK thingy. The rest were all game ads (Ok, and movie trailers).
Were there other ads?

I don't mind watching game ads when I just bought a game-related mag.

Get that chip off your shoulder. "Insulted me as a human" WTF, dude.
If I submitted a story from a site called, what would your first reaction be? There is a steady list of gaming related sites that we have all become used to seeing news from.

So when a new name pops up, especially when the name doesn't seem to be related to gaming, allow some people to react with scepticism.
Yeah, he could have gone out and "researched" the site, but why?

DJ3831d ago

But I'm definitely never buying another issue unless there's some compelling, high quality content and no video ads between each page. Gametrailers and 1UP do a much better job, and their content is free.

Qore's presentation is pretty good, but they need to jump on those two nagging problems.

Kyur4ThePain3831d ago

Agreed, DJ. They will have to look at that if they want Qore to become something important.

Sometimes it's almost as if Sony are naive when they release something, and then after consumers give feedback they're like, oooh, THAT's how you want it? LOL

Drekken3831d ago

I bought it for early beta access.

Afro-Ninja game looks pretty damn cool!!

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