Review: N+ "A PC game's money grabbing cousin" - The Life, Style and Way of The Ninja 8/10 (XboxOz360)

XboxOZ360 writes:

"For those who are unfamiliar with N+ it's roots go back to the original PC flash game N that debuted in 2005 and has been freely available ever since. N+ is the Xbox Live Arcade version. In a nutshell N+ is a bigger, badder ninja with a couple of new tricks (and fresh threads), that believes he should charge for his services. Yes you can play N for free on PC, but if you want to hang with the fresh ninja on the 360 block, he wants 800 MS points for the pleasure.

Therefore we have to ask is this ninja worth really worth it or is he simply pulling our leg… off?"

A pretty funny review after the jump...

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Superfragilistic3833d ago

I love this game, but I agree with the review it can be a damn sight harder than Ninja Gaiden and bloody frustrating towards the end!

Immortal Kaim3832d ago

I only ever played the demo on XBLA, maybe I should give the full game a go. Need a good challenge.