Metal Gear Online brought back to life by professional hackers

One such game was Metal Gear Online (MGO), which shut down in 2012, four years after it launched. Yet in 2014, the game has been brought back to life by a group of ethical hackers, working under the SaveMGO banner.

Later this week one of the researchers, Joseph Tartaro from security consultancy IOActive, will detail the techniques his crew used to get Metal Gear Online back online for its fans to enjoy.

Tartaro, who will deliver his ‘Cyber Necromancy’ talk at the Brucon conference alongside fellow security technician Matthew Halchyshak, told the Guardian that as many as 80 people are playing MGO every day thanks to the group’s work. And he predicted that other games will be resurrected in the same way.

The group’s aim was to create a server that would effectively trick PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 consoles into believing they were speaking with the old official server. In the case of the PS3, the researcher believes this could be the first private server to host multipla...

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donnie_returns1173d ago

Greatest online game ever. The lag and glitchers killed it.

Energy-HL1172d ago

I agree :) There is still lag and glitches on the revival server however the lag is definitely less than on the official Konami server!

konedi1172d ago

Agree. Best shooter i ever played, so competitive and fun.

BattleAxe1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

The Konami ID system and the hastle they put you through to buy the map packs was what really ruined it.

On another note, it would be super cool if these guys could do the same thing with Socom: Confrontation and Resistance 1 & 2.

Viper71172d ago

It makes me kinda sad how much multiplayer games have gone backwards in these few years. I mean, if we need hackers just to keep online servers alive there's just something very wrong in the industry.

In the past literally anyone with little technical knowledge and hardware could host servers where people could just play the game. This has provided games such as Doom, Battlefield, Quake, Unreal with lifespan that most modern games can only dream of.

Nowadays developers just close their systems up, to rent servers, sell their own DLC, premium passes and whatnot.

Baka-akaB1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

I "dont mind" publishers pulling the plug at some point on consoles . But i do feel that concerned studios should at least entertain the idea of giving back controls to the mp of a game , once they decide they are done with it .

You wanted to run things your way with no p2p hosting and your own farm of servers fine ... now 5 years later you're moving on ... give admin privileges and mp control back to the players so they can keep going .

It would actually motivate some to support future games

Vex1172d ago

Actually it was MGO2 that was shut down in 2012. MGO2 was the ps3 version, MGO was ps2.

One_Eyed_Wizard1172d ago

I've been following that. The thing is I can't emulate MGS3 on my current PC and I don't have a PS2 or a BC PS3 anymore. That sucks. I wish I can get back into it sometime.

Paprika1172d ago

Awesome. Could this be applied to white knight chronicles if hackers focused on that? I'd love that.

Energy-HL1172d ago

In theory any game could have a custom server like the one made for MGO1/MGO2.

FamilyGuy1172d ago

my thoughts exactly, though I'd like to see a new game for PS4 from Level-5

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