Game Vortex reviews Kung Fu Panda PS2

Chris Meyer reports:

''Kung Fu Panda, while having a lot of potential (especially when compared to the next-gen versions), ultimately comes through as a bad movie tie-in game filled with issues that just make the game feel rushed.

Visually, the game isn't bad at all considering the age of the system. Textures and models are a little blurry, but that is better than blocky in my opinion. The visual style of the levels definitely sells the China-influenced settings that both the movie and game use. Everything from Pagoda Island to the Jade Palace just feels right.

Audio has a few issues. While it sounds as though the actors from the film reprised their roles for this game (although I can't confirm this), there were enough failings that just hurt the overall presentation. For one, there are times when the background music seems to simply not play, and other times the wrong sound clip will play. During "Po's First Day," he has to run through a series of rooms that are designed to test Po's skill, and acts as a tutorial for more advanced moves. For some reason, every time I jumped in that level, the sound clip that played was the one when Po takes damage.''

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