SCEE: Era of games downloads looms

Digital delivery will drive industry growth into next decade and beyond, says Sony

Digital distribution will be the ruling force in games within the next decade and the PS3 will be the centrepiece of that new online era – but we must not ignore the serious issues which faced the music industry, Sony's David Reeves has warned.

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Silogon3832d ago

I don't see how. Well, wait a second I kind of do now. We're already installing 5gb of a game onto our hdd's anyways. Stupid jack asses!

Anyways, truth is this. There are 3 major components when thinking about this realistically and viably.

1 - Hard drive space. It's not cheap and this will have to factor into the next gen systems cost. 20, 40, 60, 80, 120 isn't going to do it. It's going to need to be 1 teraflop. that's gonna cost.

2 - Broad band connections will have to become faster and more stable and above all else, accessible to everyone. I have a 35mbps service with 3.5 mb uploads and I'm still not near fast enough on the PSN side of things. It takes way too long to download content and I even lag out on Warhawk and COD4 alot. My ping is 24, mind you.

3 - You're going to have to convince people to spend their money digitally. that means no hard copy. No tangible ownership of anything you own other than the system. That means a lot of worried consumers and it also means not a lot of people will partake cause they don't want to give out their cards.

Just my thoughts. then again, I could be wrong. People are morons, just look at The wii and wiifit users.

Harry1903832d ago

I am not very comfortable with this stance.
well,only time will tell.