Sony said to be 'very hands-off' of the PS4 exclusive 'The Tomorrow Children'

The Tomorrow Children was undoubtedly interesting because of its style, look and presentation. It had a strong Pixar feel to it and that may have been one of the captivating factors we couldn't ignore. Q-Games founder Dylan Cuthbert spoke about how Sony has allowed the development team to do what it does best, make a great game.

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llxKonanxll1216d ago

Developmental freedom is always the cornerstone to an original and memorable game. I’m glad Sony is letting Q-Games do what they want. This game looks insanely interesting and I’m looking forward to playing it.

andibandit1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

I dunno, this game looks weird and certainly is different, but not in a way that screams 'must have', to me.

amiga-man1216d ago

This to me is the big difference between Sony and MS, Sony by nature allow freedom of expression which is why they command such a varied library of games,

MS you feel by their nature try and control everything and gaming development suffers.

Azzanation1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )


Just ask Insomica and Respawn on how much freedom Sony gives there developers. While MS is supporting Minecraft on all consoles. Sorry but you have been blinded by the media.

Nintendo house the best games and Nintendo are also very strict with there games.

Patrick_pk441216d ago

Giving freedom to developers is an important part of developing a unique and good game without being constrained. I feel thats how Sony is handling The Last Guardian, until the developers feel good with the product they'll show it off, Sony wouldn't pressure them, since it would just screw with the development process of the game and others.

pwnsause_returns1216d ago

It's also having a good healthy relationship amongst developers.

luis_spartano1216d ago

I can't talk about the game yet, but the music in the trailers is SO awesome that I cannot stop lintening!

PiNkFaIrYbOi1216d ago

Nothing different about that. Sony has pretty much always been that way.

Gamerbeyond1216d ago

microsoft likes the head over the shoulder, heavy breathing on your neck approach. lol

xtremexx1216d ago

lol when Micrsoft is hands on, they are breathing down your neck, when they are hands off they are bad for not supporting their developers? they cant win can they -_-

MonsterChef1216d ago

Microsoft has really never been hands off, and if they are good for them it gives their developers freedom, which im hoping they do for the minecraft devs

Enemy1216d ago

What? It's never a good idea to be too hands on unless you're the developer. Defeats the purpose of creative freedom.

ChronoJoe1215d ago

Microsoft were hands off with developers in the past, like Rare. Which lead to bad management, and subsequent mediocre games (Kameo, Nuts and Bolts).

I think Sony are probably hands off where appropriate, but also provide a lot of supervision when needed. I feel that games like LittleBigPlanet Karting and the resistance series probably need more supervision.

But even devs like Naughtydog have to pitch their ideas to Sony execs before they can move forward with a project. Obviously they have a lot of say in what they're producing, but the notion that Sony lets them do 'anything' is a little naive.

Sony lets smaller companies like the original media molecule, and Q-Games do anything (after all they retain their independence so they can always take their games elsewhere). But this is probably because these smaller games aren't that huge of an investment, so there's not as much risk.

ArtificiallyYours1216d ago

Congratulations you just became an advertising drone for Microsoft by complaining about them.

Antifan1216d ago

EA is the worst of all. Thats why their latest games have been shitty.

Remy_Chaos1216d ago

Which is why I'm not holding my breathe for Battlefront. If it begins to look amazing, you just know there's gonna be a catch to screw us.

medman1215d ago

Heh, you forgot hand in your pockets, robbing you blind...

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PrinceOfAllSaiyans1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

That's typical of Sony. They let the studios do their thing and they just take a back seat. Someone at ND was saying something about that.

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