RFoM : Physics

Some guy posted on Youtube two nice videos showing RFoM's physics engine capacities. Pretty nice stuff for the most.

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marcusfenix4380d ago

Very LAME, if that is the physics the PS3 can produce that is a shame.

THWIP4380d ago (Edited 4380d ago )

The fact that EVERY sign/lamp post bent in EXACTLY the same places....AND there was no deformation of the hole INCREDIBLY lame, and unrealistic. I also loved how the guy was aiming DIRECTLY at the "20" on the sign, and yet the lamp post BEHIND it fell over instead. :D

Sorry , but the guys at Insomniac OBVIOUSLY failed Physics in high school. :o

Bill Nye4380d ago (Edited 4380d ago )

OK, name a game right now that attempts metal deformation like this and reacts more realistically. Then, find videos and post it.

And the reason why the lamp post bent when he wasn't aiming at it is because he was using a shotgun. And you know... shotguns shoot shells that contain pellets that spray out, not like bullets.

Why don't you guys rag on the fact that the chair would not break in the second video when the table right next to it shattered to pieces?

THWIP4380d ago (Edited 4380d ago )

For a self-proclaimed "Science Guy", you sure don't know jack about physics....PARTICULARLY about ballistics. :o

For starters, the signs/lamp posts react EXACTLY THE SAME, regardless of where they are shot. This is all 100% canned animation, which is VERY easy to show...but is useless, in terms of gameplay. This is no more impressive, than the GeoMod in Red Faction..... A PS2 LAUNCH TITLE!
Again, there are NO bullet holes, NO dents, NO paint flying off the sign...just poles that bend in 3 predetermined places...that's all.

And, btw, if you shoot at a steel lamp post with a shotgun, from 10 feet away, you MIGHT,in reality, put a big hole or deep dent in it (neither of which is shown here). You WOULD NOT cause it to bend over, in a couple places, like it's being pushed over by a truck. THAT is a fact...and I don't need to post a video to prove it. Certainly, if only a small percentage of the lead shot scattered to the side, while aiming at an object 5 feet in front of the sign,and hit the lamp post...IT WOULD NOT BEND AT ALL. At the most, you'd get some surface scarring and sparks...PERIOD.

Class dismissed.

THWIP4380d ago (Edited 4380d ago )

Yes, it's EQUALLY pathetic...but then again, I didn't bother watching it before I posted initially. After what I saw in the 1st vid, I'd seen all I needed to, to know what a joke the "physics" in this game truly is. The 2nd vid only serves to reinforce that fact. The bullet-proof billiard balls was AMAZING. :o

Phytonadione4380d ago

there is no way you would put a deep dent into a steel lamp post, nevertheless a big hole. Secondly, lamp posts (and traffic signals) are designed/engineered to bend/break at certain spots, in order to minimalize damage when car accidents occur. If you don't believe me, go take a shotgun and shoot up a steel lamp post or go take your car (if you're old enough) and ram it into said lamp post or traffic signal.

THWIP4380d ago are a f***ing moron. There, I said it.

So, class reconvenes....

- "there is no way you would put a deep dent into a steel lamp post, nevertheless a big hole"

Oh really? So, you've never fired a heavy gauge shotgun in your short life EITHER, I see.
When I was a teenager (35 now), we used to target practice at a landfill on my grandfather's farm. Appliances, furniture, bottles, name it, I've shot it.
We used anything from high-powered rifles (270, 30-06, .30 cal, etc) to Remington and Mossberg shotguns (16, 12 & 20 gauge). We experimented with heavy (4-6 shot) and express load, and some slugs, in the shotguns. Trust CAN put a large dent in light-medium gauge metal, and you CAN put a large hole in it as well....and from MUCH longer range than what's shown in this video.
What you CAN'T do, is defy the laws of physics, and effect the structural design of an upright steel post. EVEN IF it were designed to crumple (and I know some are), a SHOTGUN would not, COULD not, do that. It WOULD distort, scar, and/or fill the metal with pits/holes. It WOULD cause the sign to flex/shake/vibrate...maybe even lean slightly, at point-blank range. The same goes for the machine gun.

Yes, I AM old enough to drive....and SMART enough 1.) not to shoot or drive into a federal/local government-protected sign or lamp, and 2.) to know what would happen IF I DID.

Bill Nye4380d ago

THWIP, I'd agree with you but this is not a simulation game. This is an action game and everything is meant to accentuate that aspect (kind of like Black). People want to see results when they shoot things and Resistance does that for the most part. If you want to complain about physics why not also complain about the rag dolls, or smoke, or fire, or water... it can go on and on because none of those are accurate physics simulations. But you know what? Nobody cares because it's all about presentation.

Another thing is that no, they aren't '100% canned animations' as you suggest. There might be three points of deformation, but the first video proves that it's not animation when he first bends the sign one direction, then proceeds to shoot it in another direction.

It's kind of funny how you expect accurate real world representations of physics and ballistics in this game when no other game does any of that to the degree that you speak of either. Oh, and shouldn't you point out how the Chimera aren't true to life either? 'Cause, you know, they don't exist...

Phytonadione4380d ago

First of all, let me start by saying that lying about your age does not make what you state any truer. Secondly, yes I have fired a variety of munitions (comes with the territory of serving your country), and I do have first hand experience/knowledge of what a shotgun can do to various objects (there's a gun range a couple hours from here in Wisconsin that is unsupervised, as it is pretty much a landfill). I do agree, a 12-guage shotgun could do hell on a standard metal sign (especially if you were stupid enough to get close to it), where you might be able to puncture a couple holes in it, but a metal lamp post? You could load a deer slug into an 8 guage and be lucky to put a medium sized dent into it. You're talking about a cylindrical shaped, significantly more dense, metal object. Do you also understand that a deer slug, though more potentially damaging than those small bbs, is only made out of lead? So tell me, what kind of "light-medium guage metal" have you fire at? A Keystone beer can?

P.S. If this is your idea of a lecture, it's no wonder the U.S. education system is failing. Morons claiming to be teachers....

Asuka4379d ago

you obviously don't know your weapons, a shotgun (in any game, or in real life) is an extremely inaccurate weapon.

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Bill Nye4380d ago

Neat. Reminds me of when I first messed around in Half-Life 2 with all the things to mess with.

Capt CHAOS4380d ago

I'd much rather have seen that games on my 360 at launch than PDZ anyday.

WaCkY_MuNkY4380d ago

did you see all of the bullet holes.......yeah me neither

God of Gaming4380d ago

VERY good point... Where are the bullet holes? I think we saw them in Halo 1 and probobly way before on the PC. The one thing that always impressed me was when a large firefight happened and afterwards you would see bullet holes and the sign of the fight as you pass through.

I think Battlefield on the 360 did this the best, chunks of the walls would fall and would look fantastic after a fight. Id take that over a bent sign anyday.

PS360ii4380d ago

I always thought this game just looked like an HL2 clone, so it is not on my buy list.

Real physics would have the chair splintering apart... HL2 does this right??

videl4380d ago

looks impressive! gow is a joke against this. hahaha and this is a launch game! ps3 rules!

BadTaste4380d ago

Sorry but this looks like the sh!t that came out of my a$$ earlier today.

UrbanJabroni4380d ago

Seriously, read through videl's fabulously unbiased and though-provoking past posts that add so much to the discussion.

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