Gear of War 2 packshot updated

A few days ago Microsoft Europe issued a "temporary packshot" for Gears of War 2; the only problem was that the cover didn't really make it very clear it was the sequel. The number 2 was on the cover, but it was lost in the red background.

Microsoft has today issued a new "temporary packshot" which does feature a very prominent "2".

Hopefully this means there won't be any mishaps this November with people mistakenly buying the original Gears of War.

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MaximusPrime3831d ago



ps360fella3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

yea there is a big difference, on one the cog and the 2 is red the other its black how exciting were you expecting a revision to be. Your face is lame.

Condoleezza Rice3831d ago

Wouldn't want a Red Font misleading consumers now would we!

MasterChief28293831d ago

I don't see why you guys continue to pass old news. These temporary box arts have been here since GC08, where we got them in our Gears 2 press kits.

clevernickname3831d ago

What the hell is a "packshot"? Do they mean "cover art"?