The Essential Destiny Queen’s Wrath Event Guide

For those in need of some legendary items in Destiny here is a quick guide to Destiny's newest event Queen's Wrath.

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BattleTorn1539d ago

This was how I finally obtained my first Legendary piece of gear!

Soon I'll be loaded!

Viperoholic1539d ago

this gear is not as good as the vendor gear. lots of ascended shards for me!

BiggCMan1539d ago

You might be thinking of the blue weapons that the Queen's assistant sells, in which case you'd be right. However the stuff you get from completely any Queen's kill orders, is about exactly the same as the vanguard vendors armor. The only difference is the physical models, and the colors are specially themed for the Queen. But they come with the same amount of light and defense as the legendary gear from the vanguard.