Minecraft PS4 Patch Update Coming October 7

Minecraft is getting a new patch update along with its retail copy launch this October 7, 2014 on PlayStation 4.

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EdnaJones971540d ago

Sweet, can't wait for this patch.

ForgottenProphecy1540d ago

I'm glad the PlayStation version gets some love even though Microsoft bought Mojang. I'd imagine Notch made sure to put it in the contract that Minecraft had to be supported on all consoles equally

gamerfan09091540d ago

Lol Notch took that 2 billion and shut up. MS is keeping it on these platforms to make money. Has nothing to do with what notch wants.

Volkama1540d ago

It's the "Microshaft patch". Removes all sources of wood from the Playstation versions of the game.

ForgottenProphecy1540d ago

LOL I wouldn't be too surprised.

AAWELLS091540d ago

Anyone know when the Bountiful Update is coming to consoles? I've played it on PC with the newest update and it adds a lot to the game.

Forbidden_Darkness1540d ago

Summer 2015 if we're lucky. They'll just be adding horses and such from 1.6 in a future update, which was 1.6 on PC.

qwerty6761540d ago

must be so weird now for ps fans buying minecraft who hate everything Microsoft.

Remy_Chaos1540d ago

Yes because we all hate Microsoft... learn the difference between hate and dislike.

crusf1540d ago

Oh no I don't give a crap who it belongs to its fucking Minecraft.

Funantic11540d ago

MS is raking up the money from Playstation.

bleedsoe9mm1540d ago

sony consumers will probably end up paying for quite a few XB1 exclusive games

Remy_Chaos1540d ago

That's something you should all be proud of! Now the question is whether that money will produce quality (truly exclusive) games, instead of hyped ones that result below expectations or worse (looking at history, it's not looking too good huh.) Xbox definitely needs more to be known by than just Forza, Halo, Gears, and Fable.

LordMaim1540d ago

What's exclusive about it?

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