Analyst: Blizzard’s Cancellation Of Titan Could Spell Trouble

As many gamers have probably learnt by now, Blizzard has sadly cancelled its next-gen MMO which was given the codename “Titan”. According to Blizzard, they felt that while the game had some fun and original elements, it just wasn’t up to scratch. It was a brave call to cancel a game that was seven years in the making, but apparently it could have also been a bad one.

According to analyst Michael Pachter, he believes that Blizzard’s decision to cancel Titan could be a costly one. “At their lead time, there won’t be a game for years. So they have to deal with inevitable declines in revenues and no new game on the horizon. I think it is a problem.”

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ATi_Elite1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Wow makes enough money to keep Blizzard going so no need to panic.

But Blizzard just wasted 7 years and now have nothing to show for another decade.

Blizzard will be living off of Sc wow Diablo and warcraft until a new ip is lauched.

Blizzard has some of the highest paid devs in the industry so its time for them to be under some duress because life at Blizzard has been way to comfy with them taking 7 and 10 years to make a sequel

I now have Valve way ahead of Blizzard as masters of the PC realm even if that half life next game never releases because VALVE stayed relevant with new ips like Portal and DotA2 while Blizzard has milked the same 3 for like forever

porkChop1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

At the same time though, Portal, DOTA, L4D, TF, etc weren't actually created by Valve. Valve didn't come up with any of those ideas. They were all Half Life mods and Valve bought the teams behind them and gave them the funds to turn their mods into proper games. And in the case of DOTA 2, Valve made a sequel to a mod of a game that Valve didn't create.

I do agree with most of what you said though.

XBLSkull1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Never even knew this game was in development so I'm not going to miss it. I am ready to hear about the Protoss featured SC2 expansion however.

MrSwankSinatra1541d ago

"Valve stayed relevant with new ips like portal and dota2." Funny, because DoTA 2 is a sequel to a mod of a Blizzard game.

TongkatAli1541d ago

You got him so bad there, facepalm to the max, lol.

Idree1541d ago

Lol all of them were user created content bought out by Valve....

Blizzard actually creates their own IP's.

Think about that.

Blizzard > Valve on PC

Aloren1541d ago

To be fair, Diablo wasn't created by blizzard. They just bought the studio that came up with the idea and renamed it Blizzard North. And both Warcraft and Starcraft were heavily inspired by Warhammer and warhammer 40k.

Still, all three are now insanely strong IPs...

Perjoss1541d ago

When a company has a game under development it does not mean their entire staff is allocated to that project. It can even be a skeleton crew of just a few people, for a company like Bliz this is nothing, so saying they wated 7 years is a bit off.

Ironthighs1540d ago

I can't believe you're serious.

During the Titan development (which for all we know could have been one or two guys doing some research or a massive team, it doesn't matter) Blizzard has released Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty, Heart of the Swarm, and has been working on the third: Legacy of the Void. On top of these, they have produced Diablo 3 which was initially to everyone's disliking, but then they listened, fixed, and are still supporting it. They turned the game around from being a flop to being a lot of fun. Blizzard has also released the wildly popular Hearthstone and is currently working on the MOBA Heroes of the Storm. On top of ALL of this, Blizzard has ALSO released the World of Warcraft expansion Mists of Pandaria and are releasing the new one, Warlords of Draenor, before the end of this year.

How can you ignore all of this? Is making a new IP how companies stay relevant? Valve's last "new IP" was Left 4 Dead in 2008. According to your logic, Valve wasted six years now and have nothing to show for another decade. They have been "milking" TF2 since 2007 (Team Fortress was a Quake mod ported to Source, btw). They also "milked" Counter-Strike (a Half-life mod) by releasing CS:GO which was essentially the same exact game as CS:S (I don't need to hear why the two are different. It's irrelevant to the point).


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Ocsta1541d ago

Blizzard take console generations worth of time to make games. Sooooo no new IP till 2020 then? M'kay.

Aloren1541d ago

They probably already have other projects in the works. And Heroes of the Storm should come out pretty soon.

Einhert1541d ago

I was annoyed at this announcement, they cancelled this project and are now focusing on a card game and a MOBA....

Sorry but I am a PC main guy but id rather play an MMO or an RTS than a garbage MOBA.

Just a genre for hyper competitive tryhards.

Volkama1541d ago

The card game and MOBA are real revenue streams though, and I doubt anyone is sweating over Blizzard's financials.

vallencer1540d ago

Well those hyper competitive try hards as you call them bring in a constant stream of revenue. Also they have like 6 different teams working on things. They have the diablo team, wow team, starcraft team, heroes team, and Hearthstone team. Then I'm sure there's a team that's dedicated to new ips. Blizzard isn't just one giant team of people who work on all their games. They're split up into smaller teams.

AKS1541d ago

If they are "in trouble" despite the business they've done with WoW and other games, someone has not been managing the money well. A new undertaking from Blizzard is of course going to be costly and time consuming, and it's a nasty blow for a project to be cancelled, but they should be able to move on to something else.

ThanatosDMC1541d ago

I want them to patch the PS4/Xbone D3:RoS to 2.1 all ready. It's BS that they're taking this long when lots of the skills and mechanics are broken or not working as intended.

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