ComputerGames Review: Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures

ComputerGames' Viracocha writes:

"The best thing about Age of Conan is its potential. If you look at it and think of what it may become (and probably will become) the score must be high enough to encourage people to play it. It's different, it's original, it looks absolutely gorgeous, and it keeps you glued to the PC until you completely forget yourself playing it. Even with the bugs, lack of balance, and polish. You play it until your eyes pop out, and that's the most important thing. To realize the problems, but also acknowledge that the game is going in the right direction. Try it, and if the score is not by your liking, cut 15 points and you have Age of Conan in its current state."

* Amazing universe
* The battle system
* Interesting classes
* The siege battle concept

* Lack of balance, in PvP and PvE
* No detailed info about your own stats
* "Strange" interface for many of the game's functions
* Tons of bugs
* The lack of a fast travel system

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