Project Spark Gameplay Interview With Team Dakota

Team Dakota developer Leslie Kim discusses the retail version of Microsoft's Project Spark and how much creativity has been explores with the digital version of the Windows 8 and Xbox One game in this exclusive gameplay interview from Gamescom.

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ATi_Elite1541d ago

There is an MMO coming out soon that allows everyone to create their own game world and monsters but yeh Project Spark seems to take things into a more detailed scenario

I cant think of that mmo name either but it seemed legit after a nice overhaul

qwerty6761541d ago

yeah i think i remember seeing a preview for it.

cant remember what the name was though.

1541d ago
qwerty6761541d ago

be funny if all the xbox and pc minecraft players just jump to project spark and minecraft dies out.

their own game killing that 2.5b they spent.

lol that would be hilarious.

1540d ago
gamerlive1539d ago

This game is really progressing nicely.